Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Too Much of a Good Thing

As I listened to my children's chatter at breakfast this morning, I came to a terrible realization.

Take a peek into my stream of conscience conscienceness  thoughts:

Is it so bad to serve cereal for breakfast three days in a row? 

Heavens to Betsy, only two more weeks of school left.  Then I can feed them real meals at a decent hour.

Today's schedule: take paperwork to preschool, show Turken around the building he will go to next year, 10:15 is Star's mini-musical at school, 11:00 soccer for the little ones, home for lunch and a quick rest, back to school for Buttercup's mini-musical at 1:30, meeting to discuss my role as room parent coordinator, 2:45 pick-up from school, home for chores/homework/snack/chaos, break up the inevitable argument between two children who need to type up school assignments (something that they've known about for weeks but are deciding to type the day before it's due), get Star and Giant to soccer at 5:30, pick them up at 7:00, eat dinner, get everyone to bed, collapse on the couch.

Am I the only one that notices that the floor could have used a good sweep up/scrub days ago? 

I'll get to it after the little boys eat/spill their food all over the floor.

Why in the world is May so busy? 

Next year it will be even worse.  Phoenix will be in eighth grade.  With a graduation.  (Let me pause to tell you that our school has grades K-8.  After nine years in the school, 8th grade, and graduation, are a very big deal.  Now, back to my thoughts.)

The next year will be bad, too, as Buttercup will graduate.

And then Star.

Finally Giant..

then a break.

But wait, no there won't. 

As soon as Giant graduates from eighth grade, Phoenix will be graduating from high schoool.

Then Buttercup.

#*$%, if everyone goes to college, I'm going to have someone graduating from somewhere for the next 12 years straight. 

And at some point, both Turken and Cuckoo will have first communions in May.  Two weeks before a sibling's graduation.  Family will not be happy if they have to make the drive twice in one month.

And two of those years will be double graduations, as Turken and Cuckoo will start their graduations in 10 years.

At that point, my brain simply froze up.

I may have screamed. 

You'll have to ask the kids.


  1. May is a terribly busy month, makes you appreciate summer vacation so much more!!! I think I would scream too with all the planning...

  2. Jen, you're right. I soooooo appreciate summer!


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