Saturday, February 12, 2011

He's Still My Little Boy

Ok, as I sit down to write this, one darn funny phrase was uttered in my home.  The two year old woke up and came downstairs.  He walks into the kitchen, sees his sister and brother eating breakfast and says, "My pee-pee hurts so I need to eat sumfin."  I so love children!  Now to my real post:

It's a moment all mothers of boys anxiously await, and I was able to experience it last night.  I was the chaperone for the 6th grade social.  I was sad, because I hate for my little guy to grow up.  I didn't want to be witness to another thing that shows me how old he is getting.  Yet, I was more excited than sad, as my dear son rarely speaks.  He tells me nothing about what goes on at school.  It's not that he doesn't want to, he is just very unobservent.  He really doesn't know what goes on around him at school.  This was my chance to see with my own eyes how much boy/girl stuff I needed to worry about.

My first clue that he wasn't interested in girls was his attire for the social.

He was not exactly dressed to impress.  He wasn't thrilled that I took his picture, either. 

My first clue that he might be interested in what people think is when we discussed what behavior was and was not allowed.  And I don't mean his.  I was by no means allowed to hug or kiss him.  I wasn't even allowed to acknowledge that I knew him.  Now, you might say, "Duh.  He's a 12 year old boy.  No way would that be allowed."  I would have to respond, " Oh Contrair Monfrair" (This is the extent of my French, and I don't know how to spell it.  I went phonetically.)  This is a boy that normally has no problem with PDA from his mother.  He is a momma's boy through and through.  Every time he goes on a camping trip, HE gives ME a hug and a kiss.  Out of the blue, each day, he will come over and give me a hug.  So the refusal of such for the social was a bit of a shock.

Finally the time comes.  We enter a room of 20 girls and 3 boys.  Good odds for him.  He doesn't even notice.  He is excited to go play ping-pong and corn hole with his friends.  One of those friends is a girl, but she is the most tomboy girl in the class.  She normally hangs out with my son and his friends at school anyway.  Yeah for me.  He is still afraid of girls.  And, none of the girls are in the least bit interested in the few boys that are there. I don't care if it means my boy is in the nerdy crowd. 

The best moment of the night was about halfway through.  I was being good and hadn't spoken a word to him all night.  We catch each other's eye, and he gives me a huge grin and a wave.  Yeah for me again!  He's still my little momma's boy!

So for now I am safe.  No need to worry that my boy likes a girl better than me.  No need to worry that some little girl is trying to get him to.  For now, I will relax a bit.  At least until the next social.

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