Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vacations from the Farm

Our family loves to vacation.  We don't care where, we don't care for how long.  We just love to go.
Buying a hobby farm was a threat to that love of ours.   We can't put chickens and pigs in a kennel like we would the dogs.  It became quite a problem.
The first time we went on a trip, we hired our dentist's son to come down once a day to feed and water everyone.  He did it once, then something came up.  When we got back, we found out that our dentist actually took care of everyone.  Not exactly what we were going for, nor was it his dream for a second job.

That is when God intervened.  The family with whom we carpooled mentioned their neighbor who watches dogs left at home to make extra money.  I called her and found out that she used to live on a farm.  Not only does she know how to take care of chickens and pigs, but she could milk a cow for us if we ever decided to go that route. 

The set-up has been perfect.  She and her husband will come over with their grandchildren and stay for hours, playing with the dogs, collecting mail, feeding and watering everyone, and taking any veggies that ripen in the garden while we're gone.  They are thrilled to take the eggs the chickens lay and just spend time on the property.

We don't have to worry one bit about how everything is doing.  To be truthful, they are better at taking care of the animals than we are.  She talked about holding the chickens that first trip of ours, and I about passed out.  How exactly did she catch them?

Another blessing is that she is always available on the holidays, which is when we travel every year.  I don't know what we would do without this family.  Which reminds me, I need to call her to let her know when we're leaving.

Have a wonderful, fun-filled, great-tasting, safe Thanksgiving!

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