Thursday, November 11, 2010

Attack of the Stinky Ladybugs!

I walked outside to enjoy the beautiful, sunny day.  Within seconds, I was completely covered with ladybugs.  I looked around and saw that ladybugs were on every surface and swarming in midair.  What is it about this house and creepy, crawly bug overpopulation??
This first happened our first year in the house, and has occurred again and again over the years.  To be fair, they aren't actually the cute, wouldn't-bother-a-soul ladybugs.  They are some sort of beetle that look exactly like ladybugs.  My kids say that they smell, but I haven't experienced that. (Side note:  I actually discussed olfactory decline with friends of mine, all of whom have five or more children.  We all assumed that with so many babies, we'd be able to smell a bad odor a mile away.  Not true.  Every single one of us have gotten worse at it as we have more babies.  Bad enough that I can't jump without peeing, but not being able to smell things?  Where does that come from?)  Back to the bugs.

When the bugs do swarm, it's only for a few hours.  The number diminishes, but plenty stick around to irritate me to no end.  They are all over every surface in the house, including the ceiling!  I vacuum constantly, with the two year old behind me yelling, "There's one!  It's a bug!"  every five seconds.  I spent an hour sweeping the house this morning, and as I sit here writing, I can see bugs on the floor and three of the windows.  UGH!

What is the life span of a beetle?  It can't be long.  I am convinced that these bugs simply come here to die.  They just want a nice place to spend their last 15 minutes of life. 

I just heard another bug land next to me.  Pardon me while I go get my vacuum.

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