Monday, November 15, 2010

Time with my mom

I had such a lovely weekend with my mom on our annual shopping trip.  It's my one time each year to actually buy for the family and some Christmas gifts without my little distractions.  But the best part is getting to just spend time with my mom.  She has had a rough year.  At this trip last year, my sister and I finally convinced her that the pains in her chest were not heartburn.  Three weeks later she was having surgery to fix the complete blockage in her heart.  Then, a few days before her birthday in March, she found out that she had cervical cancer.  Over the next few months she went through chemo and an awful haul of radiation.  Complications have plagued her the whole way through.  Praise God, she has made it through, is feeling well, and is cancer free.  So this weekend was extra special.  So much in such a short time, we hardly had time to breathe for 365 days.  We both enjoyed relaxing, talking, laughing, and buying a sweater or two. 

Make sure you hug everyone you love every chance you get.  Things change so fast.

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