Friday, July 17, 2015

Public Scenes. Apparently, It's What I Do.

That's me (Well, an artist's rendition of me) at the pool yesterday. We finally had a day with weather conducive to swimming, so we took advantage of it. We swam. We laughed. We had a great time.

Until something landed on my head.

At first I thought it was just some water dropping on me.

A minute later I felt it again, reached up, but felt nothing. "I wonder who is splashing me," I thought.

A minute later, I definitely felt something moving on my head. I reached up to see what it was, when it stung my head.

And then it stung my head again.

I was in a minor panic by this time, as I still hadn't been able to locate it. Leaving my young children in and near the water, I tip-toe ran towards the first aid station, yelping, "OWOWOWOW" and trying desperately to locate whatever monster was attacking my scalp.

I finally put my fingers on it, and it stung me in the thumb.

Cue hysteria.

I spotted 4 red-suited authority figures and screamed, "THERE IS SOMETHING IN MY HAIR STINGING ME AND I CAN'T GET IT OUT!!!"

It stung me again.

Two lovely teen girls reluctantly came to my rescue.

As I stood there yelping in pain, they carefully batted at my head, trying to loosen the demon. (They weren't dumb. If it stung me that many times, they knew it was mad and would sting them, too.)

Finally one of them gave the final blow that sent that maniacal bug flying. Before I could get a good look at it, a third lifeguard (with shoes on) stomped on it.

Then he handed me this

in case I wanted to rub it all over my pin-cushion of a scalp.

It is still such a blur, I don't even remember if the boys followed me or if I had to go track them down. I just know that somehow I herded them back to the baby pool so I could sit in a chair for a little while.

Fortunately, there was no swelling.

The pain on my head and thumb didn't last too long.

My pride was, once again, smashed to bits.

I might have to make an addition to my Things You Might See at a Public Pool post.

On the plus side, I saw a woman wearing the cutest bathing suit I had ever seen at a pool. After I healed up a bit, I went and asked her where she got it.

I haven't purchased a bathing suit in three years, because I can't find one I like better than the one I have. Finally, it is time to replace my worn-thin suit.

Anything exciting happen at your pool lately? What's the best bathing suit you ever owned?

Have a lovely day!


  1. Ouch! What bad luck to have YOUR head be the landing zone!
    My fave suits are from Title Nine--Carve makes a sweet tankini with adjustable sides that holds up to surf, sand and sweat--AND chlorine!

    1. No kidding! It wouldn't have gotten stuck in the kids' fine, short hair! Well, Cuckoo might have had the same trouble as me, and HE is full of drama, so best that it was me instead of him. :)

      I will be looking those up! But aren't you the one who has a suit that looks like the carpet in a bowling alley?

  2. Just yesterday I stepped on what I think was probably a nest of bees. I did that once before and got stung a lot more times than this I counted 5 yesterday. So it was just sympathy stings for both of us?

    1. OH NO!! That hurts so badly! Bryan and Giant have both done that. I hope you don't have any lingering symptoms from it.

  3. I'm always interested in cute suits. Send me a link.
    Notice my sympathy comes second. Sorry about that. I am sorry you got stung! Do you think it got caught in your curls?

    1. Shoot, I can't get the link to be a different color. I tried, but don't have time to work on it anymore. Click the words "the cutest bathing suit" in the post.

      It got caught in my wet curls. Terribly, awfully caught.

  4. Ouch...that sounds absolutely horrible. I think anyone would be screaming and flailing around in a situation like that. I know I would be (bee? lol).

    So glad you aren't too swollen and the pain subsided.

  5. ok… stung by un-identifiable lifeform… something that would not be stopped… rescued by someone batting, (with or with an actual bat), it to the ground. Exciting and dramatic!

    "I saw a woman wearing the cutest bathing suit I had ever seen at a pool."…I haven't purchased a bathing suit in three years,"

    I'm sorry, did someone just steal your computer to finish the story!??!?


    (you know the thing about scotts and being mercurial and having a tendency to a short-attention span?….. I may need to cite this situation in the as-yet-totally-unwritten Wakefield Doctrine book!)

    1. I don't shop online, and I rarely shop in a store. Bathing suits are not a priority, because they are such a pain and usually so not flattering.

      So there. :)

      I didn't know all of that, but it fits! Be my guest.

  6. Sorry you got stung like that, it sounds dreadful, but at least there was no swelling and the pain has now gone.

    Several years ago while out on a country walk I got bitten on my finger by a horsefly but thought nothing of it at the time. A while afterwards my finger started to swell, then my hand and finally my whole arm - I was in so much pain I ended up in A & E at the hospital and had to have my rings cut off; it took a few days for the swelling to go completely.

  7. Yikes and I would have loved to have seen that dance across the pool area for help. You crack me up. I would have been beside myself too.

    My best bikini was a little yellow polka dot bikini. Remember that song? Yes, I'm that old, but I had a killer body back then.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  8. That is so terrifying! I hope you're ok!

  9. I would have completely lost my mind from terror because I have an unholy fear of all things with more legs than a dog. I hope you are healing OK! Terrifying!
    I have only been stung once (knocks wood) by a bee that landed on my foot and got irritated when I moved and my shoe scared him. Or her. Or it. Whatever. Swelled up leg, very unpleasant reaction. I'm going with "yes" to the question of allergic to stings. The not-yet-Hub was with me that evening and took me to the emergency room, now that I think of it. And he stuck around. What a guy.
    The suit is adorable - I'd even consider putting it on and I haven't owned a suit in about 15 years. Best suit, though - simple black one piece, very modest and full coverage (important for me with my bust) and a lovely scalloped trim at the bustline. Perfect. Haven't seen one I like since, so I don't wear one. Now that Zilla's learning to swim, I may have to break down and find one.


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