Thursday, August 14, 2014

When the Kids Are Away, the Mom Has No Choice But to Play

Five kids are back in school.

One is not.

This is the first time since March 2000 that I have had only one child at home with me all day.

It is also the first time Cuckoo has been the only child at home all day since the day of his birth.

We have a few kinks to work out.

The boy has not left my side.  And I don't mean he's constantly next to me.  I mean he has actually been touching, sitting, lying, or in some way attached to my side from the moment he gets up until the moment we pick up the big kids.

I am only exaggerating a little bit.  During physical therapy, while I am on the table doing exercises or getting my knee massaged, he is flat out on top of me.

I can't get anything done.  And by anything I mean blog reading and writing, but also all of this computer stuff I have to do.  Because I opened my mouth and agreed to be PTO secretary, communications person for Phoenix's soccer team, and room parent for Star's class.

When the big kids and/or Turken were home, I could do these things without a problem.  However, with no one but me home to play with, listen to, and bear the brunt of amusing Cuckoo, it's darn near impossible.

One morning, he decided to play with Kinex.  One would think it would be a prime opportunity for me to sit at the computer and focus.  One would be wrong.  Each time he made something, I was supposed to guess what the thing was.

I had conversations like this one for an hour:

Cuckoo: Guess what this is.

Me: A sword.

C: Nope, a sign.  How did you think it was a sword?  Swords don't have these on the top.

Me: I thought that was the handle.

C: OK, now guess again.

Me: I don't have to guess.  You already told me what it is.

C: Guess again.  Just forget that you know.

Me: I know my memory is bad, but I cannot not remember that it is a sign.

C: OK, I'll do another.


C (5 seconds later, holding the exact same thing):  OK, what is this?

Me: A sign.

C: Yeah!  You're right!  You get a prize!

I accumulated many prizes in that hour.  Here is a sampling:

I am not going to complain about all of this one-on-one time.  We are getting to do some fun things, seeing as we have hours and hours of not having to pick up or drop off a kid or four.  I am savoring most of these minutes, as I know I won't have this much time with him ever again once he starts big kid school.  (We don't know when that will be, seeing as how our school got rid of the half-day kindergarten option. I may be homeschooling kindergarten.)

I am simply letting you all know why I can't get any posts written and why I'm barely reading anything either.  It has taken me 3 days to write this one itty-bitty post.  (One may ask, "Well, why can't you get this stuff done after the kids get home?"  One would be in danger of getting punched for asking such a question.  Homework and dinner and driving and talking and more talking and feeding with each wave of children and the spouse that walks through the door aaaaalll the way up until my bedtime would be the answer.)

I pray you are all doing well.  Cuckoo starts preschool the day after Labor Day.  I'll catch up with you then.

Have a lovely day!


  1. He needs a little buddy that's not in school yet either. Yes indeed.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

    1. He does. We don't know many, but we get together as much as possible. :)

  2. Oh the joys of one-on-one parenting :)

    I only ever had one child but he was a good kid and never demanded much - give him some sheets of paper, paints and crayons and he would occupy himself for hours while I got the house work done. He did go through a 'guess what it is' phase though and like you I collected many prizes - and even after all these years I probably still have some of them in a box somewhere. Times like that can never be replaced - once they start big school they seem to grow up so fast :(

    1. He has been good about doing things alone or with his "magic friend" before this week. Not having the other kids here has thrown him completely. Finally, today, he got back to playing on his own a bit.
      Time most certainly speeds up once they enter school. And I know it, so I dread it.

  3. I feel your pain - if that's the right word. Since the Fab Hub started his job last week, it is me and Kidzilla,. Just me and Kidzilla. Alone. The two of us. All day. All. Day.
    I love her to pieces and I definitely enjoy being with her. But. Is it bad that I am a mommy who does not entirely enjoy sitting on the floor playing for hours and hours and hours? It's not my thing. A project? Sure. Help me cook or bake or clean? Sure. Play a game with a point or purpose? OK, maybe. But I can't move one way or the other that she isn't right there, just like you said.
    I suppose it may have something to do with the fact that the Hub has been the at-home guy on duty for two full years. She misses him. This is weird for her. We're all adjusting.
    I wish you and Cuckoo...I don't know. I wish you whatever it is I wish for myself until Zilla is back in school on September 2.
    And no half-day Kindergarten? Boo to that.

    1. Ha! I have never, ever been good at sitting and playing. I dreaded it when Buttercup would ask me to play dolls. To avoid it, I always had projects or crafts or cooking or games or books to distract her. Anything but sitting and playing like that.
      Thanks. I hope the same for you. :)
      No half day kindergarten. Big boo hoo.

  4. I can send you a puppy, no, TWO puppies. That would keep him occupied. Or you. It would keep YOU occupied. Never mind....

    1. Hahahaha!!! I can always count on you for some funny perspective. :)

  5. I guess I'll wait with baited breath (too much? - too bad) until you get back...i mean what can you do.
    it's a double-edge sword, you want him to stop but when and if he does stop then it stops....hey pre-school will be here before you know it enjoy this time have fun with your little man. :)

    BTW - I'm not understanding about the kindergarten your school is not offering it at all? My school district still has 1/2 of day kindergarten all neighboring towns have full day kindergarten. - enjoy the weekend and your week :)

    1. Not too much. :) He was a touch less clingy today. We'll see how it goes.

      Last year was the final year our school will offer half day kindergarten. Starting this year, all kindergarteners at our school have to go all day.

      Thank you!

  6. You can send Cuckoo over to the PBA anytime you'd like :)

  7. My youngest is tactile like him, too. He'll explore on his own soon. Probably just so overwhelmed at having the whole house and YOU all to himself!

    1. He really has been overwhelmed. For the first couple of days, he didn't believe me when he woke up and I told him no one else was home. And he kept asking when we were going to pick Turken up from school (like last year, when he was in kindergarten).
      He's starting to loosen up and get used to it a bit today. All will be well. :)

  8. Wow, how will you feel with ALL of your kids out of the house?? I bet you'll get SO much done :-) Enjoy the time with your little shadow for now. I know how exhausting it can be :-)

    1. I will cry like a baby, wandering around the house unable to do anything because I'll be so, so sad. And then I'll get stuff done. :)

      I'm enjoying it as much as I can.

  9. Winner, winner...chicken dinner! :P adorable is he!! I can say that now. I don't have to play any more. ;)

  10. I am nearly rolling on the floor laughing...just visualizing you in PT with Cuckoo laying on top of you!

    Enjoy it now, one day very soon you will be crying because he is in preschool instead of talking to you while you go pee. ;-)


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