Monday, August 25, 2014

I Have...Some Little Things to Tell You

I have a chin hair.
It's a very long chin hair.
I keep forgetting I have a chin hair
until I'm driving in the van
unable to do anything about said
chin hair.


I have a 5 year old.
A five year old who can't understand infinity.
Probably this is normal
for a 5 year old.
Yet he won't let it go.
So we have conversations.
Lots and lots of conversations
like these:

C:  You were wrong.  There is a last number.
Me:  No there isn't.
C:  Yes.  It's one hundred nine.
M:  No, you can add one to it and get 110.  You can always add one to any number.  If you have 3,245,531, you can add one and get 3,245,532.
C:  Well, what comes after 90 a hundred?
Me:  90 a hundred isn't a number.
C:  See? 'Cause it's the last one.


I have a blog.
A blog that gets found for odd reasons.
Commonly, people search "pig waterers"
and come to my blog.
Go google it.
In images.
Of all the photos
that could have popped up...


I have a farm
and kids who wear farm shoes.
I don't buy farm shoes.
They simply wear their old shoes
as farm shoes
when I buy new ones.
We may
have to rethink
that plan.


I have 6 kids.
5 of whom play soccer.
I have a farm.
With a garden full of produce
that needs to be canned and frozen.
What in the world
am I doing
sitting here writing a post???

Have a lovely day!


  1. Oh you crack me up!! I don't even have a farm and my kids have "farm shoes" only we call them "play shoes". The problem is when they can't find their nice shoes and wear the "play shoes" church or school. Then it looks like they are all shoeless orphans.

    1. Hahahaha!! I can't tell you how many times we've gotten someplace before I realize one of the kids has nasty farm shoes on. Or a filthy shirt. Or a head of uncombed hair...

  2. This is wonderful! The shoes, the conversation, and everything. Find some comedian to watch during the freezing and canning to get you through it.

    1. Thanks!
      :) At this point, I'm trying to find the time to actually do the canning. Good heavens, these storms are really messing with my plans.

  3. Haha! I just googled 'pig waterer' - I hope anyone else finding those images doesn't realise that the pig was dead :) Unless of course they follow the photo to your blog and read about it :)

    Chin hairs conjure up images of little white-haired old ladies, which you're definitely not - get the tweezers out pronto! lol

    1. I don't even know what I want the people who find me through that photo to think. :)

      Ha! I went and took care of it as soon as I posted this. Yeah. It was bad.

  4. Chin hair!! At least you don't have ear hair (nothing says 'old man' with more conviction than 'ear hair'

  5. Then there is nose hair. On the outside of the nose too. I knew a really told guy that had hair on his nose. It was very distracting. I knew you wanted to know about this.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

    1. Hahahaha! You all are cracking me up today! I really didn't need to know it, but if you need to tell it, I'm all (hairless) ears. :)

  6. Hey. I know about those stray hairs. My eyebrows are disappearing, but there are hairs in other places they don't belong. You always find them when you're driving. Or at the beach. I've always wanted to bring my razor to the beach to get those hairs you never get until the sun shines on them. But I never do. Love conversations with five year olds.

    1. Ha! The image of you shaving your chin hairs on the beach is hilarious. There is nothing like natural light to point these things out.

      Me, too.

  7. That could be illustrated children's book. The farm shoes page - hilarious!!! I am sure we have had the infinity conversations. It might be just about over for you. Maybe another year. Christopher has one of those hairs on the side of his face. I haven't seen it in a long time so it's probably about 3 inches by now. We see it at the oddest times, like walking into church and the sun is bouncing off it. It's an old color, something that doesn't show up again his skin.

    1. This is my 6th time around with the infinity conversations. All of my kids have had to try and get this idea nailed down. We're math people. :)
      Well that cheek hair is bizarre. Are you good enough to just pluck it with your fingers. I was completely impressed with a mom once when I saw her pluck a hair out of her son's face with just her thumb and finger.

  8. We have "bad shoes" which serve the same muddy purpose;)
    Yes, little kids are concrete, the abstract puzzles them.

    1. Hopefully yours have tops to those shoes. :)

      They really are. It makes sense that they would be concrete learners, but man, it can get a bit tedious with a kid like my youngest.

  9. Those shoes are incredible. I have beach shoes in the car. I forget about them EVERY TIME.

    Lose the hair - that's what tweezers are for. I'm prone to fluffiness (thanks, Grandma, for handing THAT one down) around the edges, and apparently when I was born, I had a rim of hair on the outside of each of my ears. I think i was a wolf-child.


    1. Can we even call them shoes anymore? How do you forget your beach shoes? Don't you remember them the minute you step onto the rocky sand?
      I did. Finally. It was really long. And had a couple of shorter friends. Can't say I've ever heard of a baby being born with hair on her ears. I guess I'm glad it wasn't a full moon when I stayed with you. :)


  10. First, if you only have ONE chin hair, consider yourself lucky. I bought myself some tweezers to keep in my purse, so when I notice a chin hair (and once you do, you can't keep your hands off of it, sure everyone can see it), usually while sitting at a stoplight, I can whip out the tweezers and pluck the chin hair out. Except I can't SEE the chin hair without a magnifying mirror and/or reading glasses, which is too much stuff to carry in my purse, so my tweezers sit there and languish and I keep touching the chin hair (drawing attention to something no one else would probably even notice) until I can get home.

    The second I read "pig waterer" I knew where you were going. But I always think how that post is how we met.

    1. I had one hair that I knew about. There's more. There's always more. Soooo...I can see why you aren't a motivational speaker. That was not a great argument for keeping tweezers in my purse. :)

      It is hilarious how many people started reading this blog because of that post. I should probably have it up front and center at all times to people can read it more often.

  11. Real life is funnier than anything. This is easily a fabulous stand-up routine.
    What is WITH those chin hair things? The only place you can really see them is in the car and that's a pretty dumb time to think about dealing with it. Although I can tell you this - my former hairdresser (do we still call them that? or am I just getting old?) told me the best place to deal with them is - you guessed it - in the car because the lighting is perfect. Soo...I guess put a pair of tweezers in your purse? People carry them - a former colleague, when asked if she had a tweezers, produced them on the spot much to the amazement and amusement of all in the room.

    1. Did you know that being a stand-up comedian is the thing I would be if I had the time and the guts?

      I once caught a friend of mine tweezing her eyebrows in the parking lot while she waited for her kids. She was glad it was me that caught her. It never made me want to do it myself.

  12. I have a solution to that chin hair a woman currently in the eye of the menopause storm, I consider myself an expert on chin hairs. I now own four sets of scissor style tweezers. One in my bathroom, one in my travel bag, one in my purse, and one in that strange little cubby on my cars dashboard (I'm guessing in olden days it might have been where the ashtray might have gone).

    I have discovered the best lighting for spotting and quickly removing those rogue chin hairs is in the drivers seat of my car. After I start my car and before I put on my seat belt I take a quick search for those little buggers. The lighting is perfect and I always have my handy tweezers at my ready. Get a set for your car. You can thank me later ;-)

    As for those shoes...I think its time for a new-old pair...those don't seem to be able to protect the toes from any farm mishaps except stepping 'on' chicken poo. They wont even offer any chicken poo protection if the chicken steps on his foot with poo on her own foot...that happens quite often around here.

    I found your blog because it came up in my search for chicken coop plans? I have stayed around not for the chicken stuff, just for the entertainment of your posts. They always bring a smile to my morning.

    1. Well, the consensus seems to be natural light, hair plucking in the car. Alrighty then. I'll have to give it a try.

      Correct. All those "shoes" do is keep poo off his feet and off my floors. Works at least for that. But still, he probably could use some upper foot protection. :)

      That is hilarious!! You actually came here because of a chicken coop plan search?! I can't imagine you stayed around for the chicken stuff. We aren't the best chicken farmers. I am glad you stayed, though!

  13. I loved this post and it's so nice to visit you again! Loved the farm shoes, going to have to google pig waterers now, and that chin hair...I used to have just the one. My husband discovered it for me when stroking my chin one day...when we were tweezers or mirrors around for miles! Since then, many more chin hairs and still self-conscious when he comes near my chin, lol.

    1. You're back!! I've missed you! I check back at your site every so often, just to make sure you haven't snuck back into the blog world again. :)
      Oh my word, that is so funny! I'd be a little twitchy about my husband going anywhere near my chin again if I were you. Just the beginning of the downward spiral into the for worse we agreed to when we got married, isn't it?

  14. LOL! I remember being little and wondering the same thing about numbers. I also had a difficult time understanding why, if I could just manage to get a tall enough ladder, I couldn't touch the sky.

    1. That's funny. I don't remember ever wondering about anything like that.

  15. Love these little windows into your life!

    BTW, I sent you an email and wanted to bring your attention to it as the info is time-sensitive!

  16. We are in the canning and freezing phase too. It seems to be a never ending task and an exhausting one.. And yeah, about that chin hair.. Unless you look like you could audition for Duck Dynasty, I wouldn't worry about it. ;)

    1. It never, ever seems to end. Thankfully, I'm on the tomatoes, which is about as easy as the canning goes.

      Ha! Well thank you! I won't. :)

  17. "What in the world am I doing sitting here writing a post?" :D That's what I was wondering! I don't know how you do it -- I can only post once a week and I don't have a farm and a bunch of kids! I think you've cloned yourself, Christine!

  18. oh my the infinity discussion is a laugh out loud moment!
    I swear by the time Im 55 I will have a full beard or at least the ability to grow one!
    I used to have shoes like that as a kid
    Im off to google pig waterers.

  19. I think there should be a 90 a hundred number too. If numbers go on and on, maybe there is one.... :-)


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