Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sure, You Can Trust Me With Your Child. What Are the Chances It Will Happen Twice?*

As I was driving home from play practice yesterday, chatting away with my three oldest children, a horrible realization hit me.  I slammed on my brakes and yelled out one word.

That word would be the name of the child I was supposed to bring home from play practice.  The child of the man who faithfully and generously drove Phoenix to school for months, even though he no longer had to drive his daughter.  (She got her drivers license.)  

I had forgotten that I had offered to bring him home. 

I immediately called his mom, told her what had happened, and flew back to school to retrieve him.


But it's not my fault.

Apparently, my brain is full.  The storage capacity has been reached, and I need to delete some info to make room for new facts and data and important information.  It would really be helpful to remember things like practice times, so I don't drop a child off at the end of soccer practice instead of the beginning.  (Buttercup, last Thursday)

Problem is, I don't know how to erase the old, unnecessary information, and there aren't any IT guys to help me.  I don't think there are enough Geeks in Pink to solve this one.

I'm going to have to start giving my kids explanations for my poor memory.  

I'm sorry, Cuckoo.  I can't remember the year of your birth, because I can't forget the name of the boy in my kindergarten class who has the same birthday as me.

I'm sorry, Phoenix.  I can't remember the conversation we had about the boy who sits next to you in biology class, thus making you repeat the entire conversation a couple of weeks later, because I can't seem to forget the time I plucked my friend's hair out of her head for the biology experiment I had to do 26 years ago.


The memory problem is only made worse by the volume of facts and information I am needing my brain to organize recently.

We are in the middle of a three week explosion of things to do.  I will not bore you with the details.  For one, most everyone I know is busy.  For two, I am not about to get into a "woe is me, I'm so busy" attitude.   

Let's just say AAAAAHHHHH!!

And move on, shall we?

We shall.

For the next three days, we are putting the busy on hold.

For three days, we'll be praying and listening and reflecting and discussing. We will immerse ourselves in the reality of the suffering Jesus endured for us.  And in the end, of course, we'll be celebrating.  We'll celebrate the miracle of his resurrection.  We'll welcome the newly baptized into the Catholic church.  We'll partake in all of those things we gave up for Lent.

And we'll roast Peeps.

Apparently, my brain dumped my bank password in order to make room for the Peeps.  I never forget the Peeps.

* Chances are pretty good, actually.  Just ask Giant.

See you Saturday for the Ten Things of Thankful!

Have a lovely day!


  1. LOL that is very funny... last week 2 sisters got left behind at Religion Instructions as soon as they saw me they bolted to me asking me for a ride home, so many events had to take place for them to get my i say you are where you are supposed to be, As far as the memory thing you are absolutely right we need to make room to add more i choose not remember anyone's cell phone number my phone can do that and lets not get started with passwords aaagh, they other day I lost a lemon while cooking finally when I found it - having second thoughts that I even lost it perhaps I had used it and not realized it i told hubby oh senility is going to be a blast!!!!

    Have a wonderful Easter Celebration with your family!

    1. Well, usually I'd agree that we are where we're supposed to be. In this case, I'm afraid I was exactly where I wasn't supposed to be. :) I'm just glad I remembered after only 5 minutes instead of after I got home and his parents called looking for him!
      Your lemon story made me laugh. I can't tell you how many times I've said, "I would have sworn I..." At this point, I don't think I can use the word senility to describe the future. :)

      Thank you! Same to you!

  2. Haha HAHAHA hahaha HA. ...sorry cant stop laughing long enough to remember I should write something coherent!

    1. Glad you got a good chuckle out of it. And an excuse to not have to come up with a long, coherent comment. :)

  3. …ok, so you're on a roadtrip to a soccer camp to watch your grandchild play in the Championship, what's the matter with your memory?

  4. oh yeah! and supportive and caring friends!

    I have a theory about that! ( yeah, that's a free one…seeing as how you're feeling a bit off your game. lol) (no, it's nothing, I'd do it for any vfriend).
    I actually do know how you feel, have experienced (something similar) at times and totally agree that your solution is the best approach.

    (I'll save the theory and the Doctrine insight, for the weekend, but a partial factor, imo, might be the recent road trips… routines are more disrupted by physical/geographical changes that anything else. but settling back into the routine with what sounds like a totally long-term tradition is the way to go).

    that's right! it's Easter this weekend!! (I had, in fact, forgotten…but I will blame the fact that it snowed this week for that misnomer*)

    *misnomer in this context is a rogerian expression

    1. I wish I could say that being home means back to routine. I love a good routine. Unfortunately, the explosion of activity means very little of our routine is intact. It certainly is a problem for my poor brain.

      You forgot Easter? I forgot that I need to purchase Easter basket goodies. Guess I'll be at the store nice and late this evening. :(

  5. Whoa can actually roast peeps?
    It's like I've been missing out in life.
    I used to have strong faith in religion. Easter was serious business and celebration. I've since gone wayward. Life happened and someone needed the blame...I got angry and Easter means fish and chips on Friday. I know. Horrible. My son is in catholic school and he is reopening my eyes again to faith. It is uncomfortable. if that makes sense.
    Anyways, I hope that you have a wonderful holiday. Soak in those babes and peeps :) ... maybe peeps soaked in booze? No...that doesn't work? Have you tried? No? Me neither. That's my homework this weekend.

    1. Yes, you can. AND you can even put them in s'mores. One of our kids came up with the idea a few years ago. Best idea he's ever had.
      If you try the soaking in booze, I would suggest you not roast them. Could be a bit more fire than you want. :)

      It makes more sense than you realize. Uncomfortable is good. It leads me to believe you have questions and are feeling like things aren't quite right. Fortunately, faith isn't a once and done. We all go through times when our faith diminishes. For some (my husband included) it comes with anger and resentment and completely walking away. Doesn't mean you can't come back. You'll come back stronger. If you have any questions, I'm always open to help. I may not know all of the answers, but I can help you find them. Talking about it helps me learn and strengthen my beliefs, too.
      Enjoy your fish and chips. :)

  6. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Bwahahahahahaha. Okay you forgot your bank password, but you remember the peeps. You're good.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend and Happy Easter too. ☺

  7. Oooops... But honestly, I feel the very same. Can't remember crap, just too tired of responsibility.. I'm jealous of Lily for being 6 :-)

  8. Did you read my post about what I remember from kindergarten? I could have added more than I put on there, but I forgot to buy a ham for Easter. Nor did I remember to sign and mail a tax document until THE LAST MINUTE on April 15. I could go on, but I can't remember any others right now....


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