Saturday, July 30, 2016

School Stuff, Do With My Life Stuff, and Funny Kid Stuff. TToT Time!

When I taught 5th grade, I wouldn't let my students use the word "stuff" in their writing.

Even now it bothers me to see that I typed that.

But I'm leaving it.

Probly ain't gonna bother no one.


It's the last weekend before school starts. Can't say I'm happy about that fact. Although, I'm happier than the folks whose kids have started school already. One of the big, nearby public school systems started on July 26. Just the sound of a July start date doesn't sit right.

But, there's no point in whining or I-wishing. We'll get to the thankfuls...

1. Kids' imaginations are awesome. Completely out of the blue from the backseat, Turken asked, "Mom, who is your best friend?" I answered his question, and after a pause continued...

Me: Why did you ask?
Him: I don't know. It just came out of my mouth.
Me: What was going on in your head before you asked? What led up to it?
Him: Nothing. I think there is a hole in the bottom of my brain. Sometimes things just fall out into my mouth and then it just comes out.

2. Two of my boys went outside their comfort zone and tried something new. I was pleased as punch that they did, and even happier when they had a great time.

3. Phoenix, Bryan, and I had our meeting with Phoenix's counselor to begin the college application process. Good heavens, is it ever a process. An action plan is in place, and he'll be hitting the ground running on Monday.

4. I'm getting closer to figuring out what I want to do with myself when the kids are in school. I mentioned to a friend that I was really missing the classroom. I do love working in a school. Two days later I was offered a full-time job (for which I did not apply) to teach first grade. Cuckoo's class to be exact. I turned it down, but I will be putting my name on the sub list.

5. Also, I can't remember if I told you, but I found a volunteer opportunity that I think fits perfectly with me and my life at the moment. In mid-August I'll be training to be a Family Friend with Safe Families. It is basically an organisation which helps families who are in danger of having their children put in foster care.

6. I'm thankful for friends who know me well and let me know about opportunities I may be interested in, even if I do turn them down. ;)

7. I just got back from dropping Giant off at freshman orientation. Some tears were shed. Thankfully, not from sadness but joy. I always cry at drop off, but it was extra emotional this year, since Phoenix, as a senior, was there to greet him when he got out of the car. I am so glad we were able to have all these kids so close together.

8. I am glad the National Conventions are over. Perhaps we can take a break from political memes for a while. Are ya with me?

9. Libraries are the bomb dot com. We've been using ours frequently lately. While there are now more books lying all over my house, I don't mind. It means lots of reading is getting done.

A little yoga while he reads, I guess. 

10. I could not be happier with the fact that Cuckoo can read. He is the kind of kid who must have attention at all times and will do anything to get it when he doesn't have anything to keep him occupied. It was always worst in the car. Now, car rides are a breeze. He brings a book, and we don't hear a peep out of him for a good 10 minutes.

So, what happy things do you have to report this week?

Have a lovely day!

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  1. This summer is racing right on by isn't it. It seems the kids just got out of school and they are preparing to return. Same is happening here.

    I'm so sick of all things politics. So sick.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

    1. It most certainly is! I wish it could last a whole lot longer.

      I've had enough with all things politics. How will we ever make it to November?!?!?

  2. Wow... college. And the baby is reading! My mom cried when they dropped me off to take entrance exams to high school!

  3. Wow... college. And the baby is reading! My mom cried when they dropped me off to take entrance exams to high school!

  4. Might I suggest BYU? ;-)
    You will be an excellent Family Friend!
    Yes, a break from politics is good, but I still have no idea who I can vote for in November. I really don't know what I'm going to do.

    1. Ha! You might. :) My nephew will probably be there in 4 years. :)
      I really hope so.
      It is awful. There is absolutely no good way to vote. If only all of us who are appalled by our choices could agree to vote for a third person, we could win. Too bad it ain't ever gonna happen...

  5. I love the conversation with Turken :) I often think it's a shame that we can't have an advance warning that our kids are going to say something funny then we could record it to listen back in years to come. I know I said some funny things to my mom when I was a kid, as did my own son to me, and though I can remember a few of them most of them have got lost in time.

    Well done on being offered a teaching job even if you did turn it down; it's good that you have friends who can put opportunities your way. Good luck with the volunteer training, you'll make a great Family Friend to those who need one.

    I don't 'do' politics, end of :(

    Libraries? What are they?? ( Can you hear the sarcasm? ) This is a big town but we only have one main library, all the eight branch ones have closed one by one over the years, probably for several reasons but I think technology is a huge factor. Most kids these days seem to spend so much of their time on Facebook and Twitter and texting their mates or playing games on their latest must-have gadget that they wouldn't know what the inside of a library looks like - as the saying goes ''Use it or lose it''. I was an avid reader when I was young - still am up to a point - and so was my son. It's great to hear that your kids have been making use of your library a lot, and I love that Cuckoo can now read :)

    I had to study that photo hard as I thought it was two kids, one hidden behind the other with a leg draped over as no-one could possibly get themselves in a knot like that, however - I've just laid on the bed and tried it myself and yes, it's possible, though I think I'd prefer a much more conventional reading position! lol

    My big thankful this week has to be for readers of my blog. Following my recent post about my Anglesey trip one of my readers sent me a link to a blog written by a lady who is walking round the entire UK coast in stages, it seemed she was on Anglesey at the same time as me. Through reading her blog I've found out about places there I never previously knew about so I'll now have several more opportunities to explore next time I'm there. Also another of my blog readers sent me a link with details of an open weekend in mid August at a derelict castle I explored three years ago - two rooms and a courtyard have now been restored and guided tours are being given. So I've booked a pitch for that weekend at the camp site just down the lane from the castle, and as the lady in question lives not far from there I'm arranging to meet her and her dog Annie sometime over the weekend, which I'm really looking forward to :)

    1. HOW WONDERFUL!! Sounds like you have some helpful readers! It's always fun finding out about new things in places that you already enjoy. And you now have a new friend to visit. Marvelous.

      What's not marvelous is the library situation. Libraries closing makes me so sad. So far libraries are doing well here. There's always lots of people there when we go. They are also branching out to get more people to use them. They now have passes to check out that gets a four people into state parks and museums free for one week. They are checked out just like a book. We are also able to get more and more books to borrow on ebooks. It works great for me!

      It cracks me up that you tried to get in the same position as Turken. I know how he got into it, but how in the world does one read in such a position?!?

  6. Oh, you got me! I use the word Stuff in my post this week too!
    Was there any little pang of regret after saying no to the job? That is always my relationship with jobs outside the house. Hmmmm....I don't know...maybe!! Even saying that, I recognize just how blessed I am to have adequate finances to make choices about work. But I am always torn. Torn when I start a job, torn when I quit.
    Starting school in July in wrong. Sorry. It had to be said.

    1. Ha!
      There is, to be honest. But just a small pang. I know if I took it I'd be a hot mess. I am very fortunate to have the option, especially as the kids get older and are all in school.
      It is wrong. I agree.

  7. School starting in either July or August just feels wrong. Here it's September. Guess it's all what you're used to.
    That question that is so popular with parents and kids: So, what did you do in school today?
    Oh, nothing...just stuff.
    I am no fan of memes but that's because I can't see them.

    1. I'm getting used to August, but not this early. July is ridiculous.

      Ha! Stuff is a popular word among kids.

      Makes sense. :)

  8. how cool is number 2! surely there are few things as satisfying, not as much the stepping over boundaries, but for them to know that it was their decision and the good that came from it was theirs for their courage.

    1. It is way cool. I was shocked. I couldn't be happier for them. Crossing my fingers it leads to more and more of it. :)

  9. Ohhhhh I'm so glad they all love reading and libraries. I remember my mum taking me and S to the library and how lovely it was there. May those ten minuteses expand and grow.

    1. We do enjoy a library run. So many books to explore! Of course, my kids always make sure to have a few old favorites each time.
      Watching a child learn to read is fascinating. Watching them get closer and closer, then it clicks, and there's no stopping them. Within a short amount of time, they're devouring chapter books. I love it.

    2. I've never had that experience. It sounds amazing. I taught Niece to swim though, and that was pretty awesome :)

  10. The "Back To School" supplies are out with the Halloween and Christmas decorations here. Ridiculousness. - My daughter is a teacher but due to the inner city school politics instead of using her teaching degree she is currently using her early childhood dev. degree to evaluate emotionally/physically delayed children. Kudos to you for your volunteer service which is so desparately needed and congrats to all the kiddos for their own personal accomplishments. So, so much to be thankful for. Continued blessings to you.

    1. My heart sinks a bit each year the first time I see the school supplies coming out. We barely get out of school before the supplies make their appearance.

      That is no easy job your daughter has. Bless her.

  11. Fabulous list! I am a bit sad that we have only three and a half weeks left until school starts. But time moves on, as it must. I don't have to like it, though.
    We love our library and I do admit that we neglect it terribly during the school year, but Zilla gets enough from the school library and school book orders to keep her busy. But in the summer we bring bags home and just plow through. We also have a car reading in Zilla (I could never do it - makes me sick) and she is quiet as a mouse as long as a book is along for the ride. She really racks up the reading minutes for summer reading that way, too!
    I found myself a little teary at your item about Giant and Phoenix and the orientation. Beautiful.
    And I absolutely love your new endeavors - the sub list (I'm considering getting off ours, actually) and the Family Friend. I can't think of a better person to fill both roles. Hope it all goes well!


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