Saturday, January 23, 2016

Ten Things of Thankful, Week 136. There's More to Life Than Just Volleyball

A Monday off of school throws me for a loop.

A Monday off of school in which I spend that Monday at volleyball games and driving 4 hours to get home sends my week into a tailspin from which I don't recover until the following weekend.

I even have 3 posts in my head to write, but I didn't have time to write even one. Next week. For sure. Something will be written besides a thankful post.

Until then, The Thankfuls!

1. Phoenix's team played the best they've ever played. They ended the first day of competition undefeated. To put this in perspective, they usually end the first day with zero to one win. The tournament ended with our team taking 3rd in the gold bracket. We could not have been happier for them.

2. We were able to carpool with friends to the tournament in Chicago. Not only did it cut down on cost, it made the long drive enjoyable.

3. We somehow lucked out with the hotel room reservation and got the best view in the building. Top floor, facing the skyline and Lake Michigan. Seeing as how we never stepped foot outside of the hotel/convention center the entire weekend, it was a blessing to have such a view.

4. Buttercup and Turken came to the tournament with us. Yes, they like watching volleyball, but even better is watching volleyball with one of our favorite people in the whole wide world (with whom we vacation every year). Exciting volleyball and fun company makes for a great weekend.

5. Turken's class was in charge of the all-school Mass this week. I never leave an all-school Mass without tears, but when the entire Mass, including scripture reading and psalm singing is done by adorable, squeaky-voiced 7 years olds...have mercy. The preciousness is too much for my eyes to handle.

6. The dresser and TV stand I purchased a few weeks ago were finally, FINALLY, delivered. Sure, I had to get cranky and threaten them with canceling the order and getting my money back, but the furniture is finally here and Turken is happy and there aren't little kids clothes hanging out of a too small dresser and the TV finally has a good resting place.

7. I get a bit sad in January, because all those days of a full mailbox are over. Back to bills and ads and no fun mail. Until today! It was such a wonderful surprise to open the mailbox and find a gigantic envelope. What was it you ask?

Holy horrible photo quality, Batman!
No, it wasn't an obnoxious 6 year old. It was a brand new Graviteer T-shirt (with my name on it!) from Clark. For months a group of us have been weighing ourselves each and every day (except Sunday), taking a photo of the number on the scale, and sent the photo to Clark in an effort to keep ourselves accountable and encourage each other in whatever our weight/fitness goals happen to be. (I am just trying to lose the 10 pounds I gained after my knee injury, 'cause I really don't want to have to buy new pants.) The t-shirt makes us legit. Too legit to quit! (You will be my friend forever if you read that line from the song and mentally did the hand motions that go with it. You will be my best friend if you actually did the hand motions.)

8. We have been praying for all of you who are at this moment being pummeled with snow and/or ice. I don't mean to rub it in, but I am seriously thankful that the line of snow is staying an hour south of us. Nary a flake here at the farm.

9. Everything that needed to get done got done this week, as well as a couple of things that we've wanted to get done but haven't had the time or strong enough of a desire to do until this week. (Haircut for Turken, new running shoes for Star) 

10. While in Chicago, I received a most surprising text from Bryan.

Ah, he makes me laugh. (For a history of Bryan's relationship with shopping and why this text was so surprising, you can read this.)

That's my ten. How about you? What are you thankful for this week?

Have a lovely day!

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  1. What a fun week, well except for that Monday. Glad you've recovered.

    I'm thankful for all my blogging buddies that I visit and catch up with. It's most fun to see what everyone is doing.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

    1. It was a fun, busy week, for sure.

      Blogging friends are marvelous. And on Saturday I even got to meet one in person! Great fun.

  2. we are getting hammered here on the island ... but it is Saturday and we are all in; we're cozy, warm, and not hungry for sure... great job with trying to lose weight ... i am also trying to lose 10 lbs; have you heard i was diagnosed with a sluggish wonder I can't lose these 10 lbs that i gained in the last year.... I've been on the meds for a week and have seen a slight improvement so far... but i post about that soon.

    so the middle school is having volley ball practice for the boys this week, i told James about it ...thought it would be a good way to stay active before baseball begins he came home and told no he won't do it because there only 7th graders doing it. oh well i tried.

    the children's mass sounds precious... i remember our first Friday Masses when i went to school.

    sounds like you had a very busy and good week ...have a good week ahead.

    1. That is one good thing about the blizzard. At least it happened on a weekend, so people didn't feel like they were missing as much. Of course, I'm sure the kids weren't quite so happy about it. :)
      I did not know about your diagnosis. I hope the meds continue to work for you.
      You did try. It isn't easy to get middle school kids to do things that their friends aren't doing.
      They are so precious. I remember reading at Mass when I was in first grade. I was the only one who knew how to read in our class, so I got to do it. We were in one of those old, massive, marble churches that echoed. Quite intimidating for a little 6 year old!

  3. 1 - A big 'well done' to Phoenix's team, that's a great result.

    3 - That's certainly one fab view :)

    6 - So glad you finally got your furniture and everyone is happy. Sometimes the threat of a cancelled order and a refund is all it takes.

    7 - Not really a good idea to weigh yourself every day - if you haven't lost anything from one day to the next you could easily become demoralised and give up. Once a week is enough, and a loss of 1-2 pounds per week is sufficient, or even just half a pound per week if this is a fairly long-term thing and you don't have a lot to lose(as a qualified fitness instructor I know these things lol). I hope you reach your goal and don't need to buy any new pants :)

    8 - The snow here last weekend was a 48-hour wonder - it started falling late Saturday afternoon, thawing on Sunday and was gone by noon on Monday. And guess what? - the rain is back! :(

    My thankful this week? For Oscar, the scruffy little dog which has just come into the lives of my friend and her daughter - he needed a home and they needed a dog so they found each other at the right time, and he's really helping to ease the pain of losing Homer.

    1. 1. We were pleasantly surprised to say the least. I'll pass along your comment.
      3. It was. We all just stood at the window whenever we were in the room.
      6. They kept scheduling delivery for the afternoon, and I kept telling them that it has to be before 2. I didn't care which day, but it had to be before 2. I finally had to tell them that if it couldn't get done during the day, it wasn't going to get done and i wanted my money back. Boys are happy now. :)
      7. Funny you should say that! When we first started, we made it clear that ups and downs from day to day were completely normal. Clark came up with the idea of a "stable weight", kind of the average of where your weight is on any week. As long as it drops over time, we're heading in the right direction. I also added that if I didn't lose weight but my pants fit better because I am now lifting weights, I'm not counting that as a fail. Thanks for your advice, though!
      8. Good gravy. This can't be even close to normal. I know England is not known for it's beautiful weather, but this is ridiculous.

      Oh, that is wonderful news! I'm happy for them and you, 'cause I'm pretty sure you'll be loving on Oscar as well. :)

  4. I WISH I could have attended the children's Mass! I also WISH I could have received that T-shirt. Seriously, what a great encouragement to stay on track.

    1. Clark is a rock-star leader of the group. You are welcome to join in if you like!

  5. Bryan shopped? WOO HOOOOOO!

    Glad your snow is NOT. Glad the volleyball was awesome, and the company, and everything about it.

    Ack. Gravity challenge. I'm impressed as anything with the non-quitters.

    1. No kidding! I was gobsmacked. He said he went without me, because he knew that if we were going to go together, it would have to be the weekend we have planned in February without the kids. He didn't want to waste our weekend alone shopping. :)

      I am sooooososososososoooo glad the snow bypassed us!

      Oh, there's nothing to be impressed about.

  6. What a fantastic weekend of volleyball, in spite of the long drive and icy weather. And what a gorgeous view! I've never even been to Chicago. Love Bryan's power shopping, and I'm sure your t-shirt is awesome, but it still won't get me to weigh and take a picture of the number!

    1. It was a great weekend of volleyball. Hope they can do it again this weekend in another city. :)

      Chicago is a fabulous city, especially being right on the lake. Too bad it's in a location that is bitter cold half the year.

      Ha! You don't have to publish the first digit! :)

  7. Wow...congrats to Phoenix's team!!! That's awesome! And yes...what a beautiful view! :D

    I, too, am thankful that we are not getting pummeled with snow. Can't believe all the pics on FB. :O Snow is for BEFORE/during Christmas. After that...I have no need for it.

    Bryan has a great sense of humour. :D

    1. Thanks! They played some great matches.

      I have been scrolling through FB with my mouth hanging open. So. much. snow. I have no need for it either.

      He does indeed. :)

  8. That is a cool T-shirt isn't it. Go Graviteers! That view is stunning and congrats on escaping the flakes of terror as I now call them. I'm not quite sure, but I think our upstairs furnace has bit the dust. Oh, please, no. Have a good week.

    1. It is! Go Graviteers!
      Ha! The flakes of terror! An appropriate moniker. :)
      Oh no! I hope that is not the case!

  9. LOL I think I remember the Bryan shopping post. LOL!
    Beautiful photo of Chicago - perfect for not being able to play IN Chicago.
    Wow to nary a flake. Same here in NC. LOL. Nary a piece of ice (well maybe on the mailbox) and the kids had a free day off from school.
    Hope you get the posts our of your head soon and btw we are friends forever.

    1. Ha! It wasn't pretty. :)
      Exactly. We may not get to see Chicago up close, but from afar, it is beautiful. And warm. :)
      They called off school just in case?!?! Wow. Glad you all were spared and the kids were happy.
      Ha! We don't need to stinkin' facebook to be friends. :)

  10. Sounds like an awesome view. I hope to visit Chicago in the future.
    Glad you enjoyed your trip.

    1. Chicago is a great city, just make sure you time your visit to not be in winter! Or early spring. Or late fall. It's cold on that lake!

  11. (I figured, given who the Graviteers are, something a bit more dramatic than white letters on grey shirts* but I'm glad I went with the red lettering….) hey, we may be challenging one of the 4 fundamental forces in the universe, nothing says we can't have fun and be stylin at the same time.

    Really like the photo of Chicago, am thinking I need to do a road trip there this Spring (for increased authenticity in the Serial)

    *not that there's anything wrong with grey! lol

    1. Nothing wrong with grey, but the black and red are way cooler.

      Chicago is a great place to visit. Lots to see and do. Make sure you go when it's warm, though!

  12. OH man a Monday off from school throws me into all kinds of disorganization for the week, too! And we're on week two now - last Monday the holiday and today a snow day. This ought to be an interesting week...
    I LOVED the Graviteer shirt - what a grand surprise! I've been very lax in posting and weighing lately because of being sick and ten other things. But I'm getting back on track this week for sure - because that shirt is awesome!
    Have a good week!

    1. yeah, how's that week going? I hear it's another snow day tomorrow. Getting a bit stir-crazy yet?
      The shirt is awesome. Clark is such a good leader.

  13. Oh my heavens, children leading religious services is certainly moving. We're dug out (at least one car is and a path to the street. I am going to RUN ERRANDS! Even with two children in tow because school is still out. Please, oh please, let us have school tomorrow.

    1. It certainly is. I get teary every time I go.
      Hope those errands went well. Perhaps you can get back out again tonight, all alone, to prepare for that snow day coming at you again tomorrow? Good luck! I hope your birthday goes as well as it can in such a situation!

  14. I played club and school volleyball when I was younger so reading about their success made me smile! Sounds like a good trip overall :) As usual you guys are busy bees, but it all sounds great!
    Xo. Abbie

    1. Ah, I'm jealous. Volleyball wasn't a thing yet, as far as I can remember. I love playing it whenever I get the chance.
      We are busy, but we're getting quite a bit of down time at home in the evenings, too.

  15. The personalized shirts really were a surprise, weren't they?
    I love it when I get things done that have been needing attention!
    That view is wonderful!


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