Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ten Things of Thankful! Week 119

This week had completely reinforced my decision to not take a job now that Cuckoo is in school. I subbed for two days at the kids' elementary school as an aide, and it has about done me in. There is no way in this world I'd be able to be the best teacher I could be AND the best mom I can be at the same time.

1. I am thankful that I know my limitations.

Lizzi was here for a whirlwind visit. She didn't even get to see downtown Indy from afar. She only got a glimpse of our chickens for cryin' out loud.

2. I am thankful that even though the time spent together was mostly in the car, we had that time together. It was great to get to see her and chat in person. Conversations are so much better that way.

I have been wanting to write a post all week about a certain rental car I had for all of the driving I did last week. It will be the first post I write after this one. Unfortunately, it won't get published until Tuesday, since I'm subbing on Monday, too.

3. I am thankful the car and I actually made it to and from all the places we needed to go.

The hand-off of the English parcel took place in St. Louis. Lizzi, Dyanne and I all spent the night in a lovely, cheap suite in Cahokia, IL. We had a delicious meal in downtown St. Louis, just down the street from the arch.

4. I am thankful I got to see Dyanne again, and that the hotel reservation went way better than the car rental.

I raced home from St. Louis in order to switch vehicles and get to school pick-up. Once I managed to get all but the two high school boys home and everyone set on what their responsibilities were for the evening, I had just enough time to change clothes, do my hair, and get myself downtown to attend the Colt's game with Bryan and some clients.

5. While the Colts played terribly, I am thankful to have had a nice night out with Bryan.

About a year ago, a mysterious spot (looks like a skin tag) popped up on Turken's neck. At his annual check-up, his pediatrician said she had no idea what it was and suggested we get to a dermatologist. That appointment was this week.

6. I am thankful that it is only an oil gland cyst. While he will need to get it taken off at some point, it's nothing of major concern.

Also on Wednesday was my first time volunteering in a preschool as their Bible Time teacher. The lesson was written out for me, so there was very little prep work. The kids were adorable and cooperative, and the teachers clearly liked their jobs.

7. I am thankful for the opportunity to meet new people and try something new in a setting that is familiar.

When my mom was here a couple of weeks ago, we picked an entire tub of apples. Bushels and bushels of them. I've canned many of them and eaten some each and every day, but we still had plenty in the tub. The apples were getting soft, so eating them straight up wasn't pleasant.

8. I am thankful for the couple of days that we didn't have any games, so I had time to use the last of the apples in the tub to make enough applesauce for two meals.

This afternoon, the boys and I will be picking as many apples as we can. The season is coming to an end, and we may not be able to pick any more this year.

9. I am thankful I have plenty of time to can and bake much of what we pick, but also that it was Johnny Appleseed's birthday this weekend. I'll be taking a bunch of apples into school to share with the kindergarteners.

Forty-four years ago today, my mother-in-law gave birth to my husband.

10. I am thankful for all she did since that day to help Bryan become the marvelous man he is.

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  1. happy birthday to your husband ... apples, apples... friday night I invited a friend over to hang she brought over a bag of apples... on Saturday I had a very simple surgery on my eyes, white cholesterol spots removed; being the favorite my mom needed to see me she brought over a bag of apples...i think James and I will make apple pie today....
    Glad to here Turken is okay and that your trip with Lizzi was fun....
    working and being a mom is tough happy for you that you know what to do ....
    have a great week

  2. A happy birthday to your wonderful husband.

    I love your thankful posts. They are always so upbeat and positive. I like that.

    Have a fabulous day., ☺

  3. We always assume that once the kids are in school there's all kinds of time and there really isn't! Even now with my two pretty much adults I often wish I could afford to work just part-time. Looking after a home and family may be a labor of love, but it sure isn't sitting around on the sofa eating bon-bons.

  4. Looking forward to the post about the rental car - and a big Happy Birthday to Bryan :)

  5. Happy birthday to Bryan! My rental car story involves a huge spider, but the car ran fine. Curious to hear about your experience. I thought the squirrels got all the apples off my tree, but this week John and I shared one apple that survived!

  6. Happy BIrthday , Bryan! My Lizzi travel trip was riddled with car trouble but not with a rental as you know so I am looking forward to this... Have a good week, Christine!

  7. I'm also curious about the rental car story! I think Lizzi should be getting some kind of kickback or, at very least discounts on car rentals, seeing how her trip has stimulated that segment of the economy… we rented an SUV thing to get down to Ocean City (a Ford Mastodon I believe I kept referring to it).

    We have one apple tree and two pear trees… the deer love them… guess it's kinda of a Wild Kingdom Seven Eleven… they hop the fence, Una yells (which is barking, but it is simply yelling 'Hey!! Get out of there!!" Unfortunately the deer are used to Una in the window and don't mind her barking at all.

  8. A fantastic list. I don't know if it's just because I read it real fast or your life moves really fast. Both, I guess. Number one is really big. Sometimes we take on so much and no one benefits. Happy Birthday to Bryan and I'll be around to read the rental car story. I loved the photos in St. Louis.

  9. I think it's rare that people know their limitations so I admire you for that. People take on so much and get completely stressed out. Only after some sort of "schism" do they stop and smell the roses. Oh and I love homemade applesauce. Reminds me of when my Grandmother would take me to an apple festival in PA every fall and then she would make applesauce.

  10. A great post. Glad Turken's thing is not a huge bad and happy birthday to Bryan!
    Knowing our limitations is a very important gift. Definitely.
    So glad (and so jealous) you got to spend time with Lizzi and Dyanne.
    Homemade applesauce. Yum. Send some.

  11. Interesting. A certain rental car made MY list of thankfuls, too! #4 was my favorite on your list :)

  12. Great recap of your adventures this past week. Being able to know one's limitations is so important and was a great #1. Sounds like a great class to volunteer teach. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

  13. I've loved reading all the Lizzi stories from all of you guys who got a small block of time to spend with her on her trip to North America.
    All those apples. I have been buying a big bag of my favourite kind of apple and eating them all. No sauce for me.


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