Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lots of Fun Keeping Me Busy, TToT #117

Remember how I was going to be able to get all those things done around the house now that all the kids are in school?

Yeah. Not happenin'.

My house is a complete and utter disaster, seeing as how I haven't been home except one day, and that day was spent canning apples.

But, the things I was doing were good and mostly fun, so I'm not going to complain. But I may have to start saying no in the future.

No one likes to live in a disaster.

My week in thankfuls:

My mom was here to help with the driving while Bryan was gone. There were a couple of days that were made much easier by her presence. She even took Buttercup to the eye doctor and helped her pick out new glasses.

With my mom came the three children of one of my brothers. It was a marvelous surprise, and we had loads of fun.

We made a couple of apple pies. They had never used the apple peeler/corer/slicer before and found it to be quite entertaining.

One kid throws the ball, the rest fight to catch it. For hours. Every single time the cousins get together.

And then on Labor Day, my brother and sister-in-law joined us for the day. I managed to feed 13 people using only food we have grown here on our farm.

Pork chops, applesauce, potatoes, green beans, and (not pictured) deviled eggs. 

The stars aligned to make the soccer game schedule unbelievably convenient for our family. For the first time in the history of soccer, a high school game (Buttercup's) and a club game (Giant's) were played at the same facility back-to-back. AND it was the day Bryan came home from his trip, so my mom and I got to go to the games.

Then on Saturday, all the high school games were at the same school at the same times, so I was able to see all three of my kids play without driving hither and yon all day.

My mom and I managed to can 14 quarts of apples and 7 pints of applesauce and pick enough apples for me to can even more tomorrow.

It was the first week of preschool, and I was there to help with any criers. Thankfully there were no criers, but I did have to clean up one gigantic mess when a sweet little thing had an accident. Depsite that, I enjoyed working with the kids again.

I went to a brunch Saturday morning with some women from a Catholic prayer group.

Bryan and I had a dinner with a bunch of his colleagues and their spouses Saturday night. I had only met a few of them before, but all were good company, and we laughed all night long.

This coming week will be way more manageable. I will be working in the preschool one day, but the rest are for me to get this place back in order before I go get Lizzi on Saturday.

That's right! Lizzi is making her way across the country, and our house is one stop along the way. I can't wait to see her again! (I met her on our trip to England last year. You can read her account of it here.)

How has your week been?

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Oh, yes, the famous, "I'll be able to get so much done when. . . " line. I fall for that one myself all the time! However, it does sound like you got so much done this week! The state of the house is not always an accurate indication of the week--though I do understand the need for order. :-)
    Have fun with Lizzi!

  2. Your canned apples look so pretty. Canning is sort of a pointless dream for me as I wouldn't have any place to store it, but I always admire those mason jars full of food.

    I do make red pepper jelly every once in a while if I get a few free red peppers my way.

  3. I love your thankful posts. Yes I do. You've a wonderful life.

    I'm glad you get to see Lizzi again. That rocks.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  4. Sounds like you are kicking off fall wonderfully!
    Nice job on those apples.

  5. A great week. The games, the cousins, the apples. Pork chops and applesauce were always a favorite of my kids. Meeting Lizzi earlier today was AMAZINGLY SPECTACULAR. Enjoy your visit. Wish I could meet you too someday.

  6. It's so great that you got to have an entire meal from your own food! I'm jealous!

  7. Well, busy can be good. But not for too long.
    I've never used an apple corer/peeler/slicer either, and I'm sure I would be entertained.
    How I wish I could get together with you, too. Had SUCH fun in Ocean City.

  8. I love the picture on the teeter totter thingy... Its very Valley Forge looking! I did so little canning this year I hope I dont regret it ...its so nice to open a can of summer in the winter.

  9. My house is a complete and utter disaster, too. I will have the downstairs presentable, but upstairs is the Inner Sanctum, and since I can't get the three people who make the upstairs the disaster that it is to clean and purge, then it will just have to be off-limits to the General Public, even British ones who are visiting.
    I want to eat That Meal, but the applesauce has to go in a separate dish so it doesn't touch the other stuff.
    I have one of those apple peelers, too, and it's great unless your apple has a wonky shape.
    Great pics! Love the ones of Buttercup!

  10. Sounds like you had a busy busy week here.
    Love it when the stars aline. I am looking forward to all the fresh apples, but I prefer to eat them, by the bagful, while they last in season. No apple sauce for me and I don't like pie.
    Say hi to Lizzi and have fun.

  11. What a blessing to be able to share all that you raised on your farm with your family!

    The canned apples and applesauce look delish! You are inspiring me give that a try.

  12. thats a bunch of apples!… applesauce is one of those semi-foods that, as a kid I really looked forward to having (usually only when having pork chops) and also one those things that I knew 'when I grow up, I'll have a cabinet full of jars of applesauce and have whenever I want!'… you have achieved a childhood dream of mine in this post. sorta…. (I still could go out and buy a case or two of applesauce, but, you know how it is, dreams of childhood only are valid to the child that dreams them, not the adult that remembers them).


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