Thursday, May 7, 2015

What the Heck, Birds?




It seems the objects in the mirrors are not only closer, but vastly dumber than they appear.

Birds are beating the literal crap out of themselves.

On the sides of our cars.

Country living, Folks.

Good old country freaking living.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Yep, they are flying shi* houses. That's what I call them and you've proven why I call them that.

    Have a pooptastic day. ☺

  2. Haha! Maybe it's time for a weekend of car washing!

  3. it's good luck - I think at least it the car and not a person getting hit

    If it makes you feel better I work in a building that is 3 stories high ( L.I doesn't have skyscrapers) the building is a glass building every so often we hear thump birds fly into the building the glass frames confuse them. (not nice I know)

    one more bird story one day at lunch I walked across the street from my office to the 7-11 as I was walking I hear geese following overhead and I thought hmmm I should put my hood on - I did seconds later about 3,4, or 5 ft. away I hear "SPLAT!" Luck missed me, LOL!

  4. I like pretty birds in trees and bushes, like cardinals and blue jays and blue birds. And woodpeckers. Hummingbirds are cool. But once those little suckers fly? I'm outta here.

  5. HA!

    I remember once when a pigeon flew into the windows and I turned up to find WonderAunty in a state of some distress, having not known what to do with the dead bird, and a MASSIVE pigeon-shaped greasy BAFF mark on the outside of her bedroom window. So I wrapped the bird in bags and threw it in the bin, and then cleaned the window, and shortly after that, EVERY WINDOW in that house was liberally decorated with 'bird of prey shadow' stickers.

  6. LOL! and OUCH! Also I think I posted a bird poop photo like forever ago and now it's going to bug me until I find it. :)

  7. A bird pooped on our deck about two inches away from where I was sitting. Now my 2 year old goes around scolding all birds for pooping outside :)


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