Friday, December 5, 2014

Don't Hate Me, TToT #77

I'm at the beach.

Shall we count that as all ten thankfuls and just end there?

Yes.  Yes, we shall.

This would have been a great place to put the TToT button and close up shop.  Alas, I wrote this WAY before Lizzi put the code together, so that cool ending is out the window.

Might as well do this the right way.

Before I left for the beach...

(Yes!  I'm really at the beach.  With Bryan!)

I was thankful for...

1.  my mom.  The saint agreed to come and watch our kids for us while we are at the beach.

2.  the many folks who are giving our kids rides in order to make my mom's job easier, because I'm at the beach.

3.  leftover turkey.  I was able to make white chili without any hassle of cooking meat. And we ate it 2 days before I headed to the beach.

4. Christmas lights.  We were able to get many of our Christmas decorations up before we left for the beach.

Ok, even I'm getting sick of all the beach talk.

5.  Even though the first thing each of the little boys said (completely independently at different times) when they saw the wise men was, "You put them there", they are having fun pretending the wise men are moving themselves each night.

6.  our Christmas tree's ability to defy gravity.  It is as wide as it is high, and it was a BEAR to get up.  It's not straight, but Bryan is done trying to fix it.  So, we directed the tilt towards the wall and crossed our fingers.  So far, so good.

7.  a working satellite.  The power outage last week took out the satellite box, and the boys (aka Brayn) has been mildly twitchy without his football.  The new box came on Wednesday, so all is well with the world again.

8.  the chance to get some Christmas shopping done.

9.  adorable first grade Christmas programs.

10.  the beach.  And for the opportunity to go there in the middle of winter.

Sorry, I had to one more time.  

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Have a lovely day!


  1. You never mentioned which beach...may wish to join you and Bryan :)! I'm sure I'm not the only one a bit curious!

  2. I think you mentioned you were at the beach. Have a great time. :)

  3. So... You're maybe a little excited to be at the beach? It was hard to tell, but I'm trying to read between the lines here.

    1. Um, yes, I was a tad excited to be leaving the cold and wet for the dry and warm. :)

  4. How awesome. I'm going to guess that you are at a warm beach, given the tone of the post here. Hope it's awesome!

    1. Oh, damn! I came here to grab the code and it's not here. :/

    2. No, not here. Sorry. We were at a splendidly warm beach.

  5. I hope you and Bryan have the best time.. yes.. at the BEACH!!! This, by the way, sounds totally weird to me as I'm waiting for SNOW!! Enjoy your little couples' vacation! It's really awesome that you have so many people pitching in to help out with the children. I still have slight hopes that Richard and I will finally have our honeymoon for our 10th anniversary in 2016, but with Calvin joining our family, I doubt that it will actually happen. But then again there are many more anniversaries that could serve as the occasion for our honeymoon :-)

    1. We did have the best time.
      Trips don't have to happen on even numbered anniversaries. Take that honeymoon anytime, but do take it!

  6. I don't hate you. I just envy you. Here I am in Colorado with winter jacket walking the dogs.

    1. Thank you. I hate it when people hate me. :)

      I'm back to my winter jacket, and really, the beach is better. :/

  7. Wishing I was at the beach soaking up some warm sun. I need to get our tree up this week. Hubby always wants to wait until after our son's birthday which in on the 11th. I personally don't see the big deal in putting it up before his birthday. Have fun at the beach.

    1. We scrambled to get our tree up before we left, seeing as how we won't have another weekend when we're all home until after Christmas.
      We had a great time.

  8. hey! wait!! was this there then? (or some trickery brought on my being subject to the tropical climes!)

    Looks (from the few photos) that it was all that the West Indies* should be!

    now I remember! I had some overly long (but totally hilarious) Comment that had to do with the weather back home being in the 80s and (somehow) people were being given free cars (or something) but only (here's the punchline) if they were at home (in Ohio or Michigan or Iowa or wherever ) when the 'free car guy' came around.

    well, it's kinda funny...

    *geographical license, ya know


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