Saturday, May 21, 2016

Did You Know Our Kids Play Sports and Do Other Stuff? TToT Week 153

As I drove to the volleyball game this morning, I was pondering my thankful post. I came up with a great intro to it, too.

Unfortunately, that was 6 hours ago. My brain is only capable of holding onto information for 3 Mississippis.

You get no great intro.

Maybe next time.

So, the thankfuls...

If you recall, last week I asked you to cheer Phoenix and his volleyball team on to victory in the state competition. Friday night, they played beautifully and won in only three sets. (Each match is best out of 5.) This morning they played the number one team in the state. It went to 5 games, and they ended up losing by 2 points. I feel awful for those boys. Seven seniors have been on the verge of winning the kit and kaboodle four years in a row. Each year they have lost in 5 sets, and by only 2-4 points in the fifth set. This was going to be their year. Ugh.

I am thankful that Phoenix had the opportunity to play with such helpful, generous, fun ballplayers.

Pregame introductions. My boy is #10.

I am thankful that my kids go to a school with such great fans. There were 2 matches going on at the same time in the same gym, (so four teams playing at a time) and our fans took up half the stadium. So many non-volleyball-playing students and parents came out to root the boys on. It was nice to see. (I know the gym looks empty in that photo above, but from where this is taken, all the way down the left sideline and a full section to the right of me, the stands are full of fans from our school.)

With this, volleyball season is over. While I do like watching them play, I am glad that I no longer have to drive to the high school to pick up Buttercup and Star after school anymore. Phoenix won't be going to practice and will be able to bring them home again.

Giant finished his career at the elementary/middle school. The last day was Friday. He and the rest of his class are ready to head out to the high school. It will come quick for Giant, seeing as how high school soccer practices start May 30!

The rest of the Coop kids will be done with school on Thursday. The teens only have finals left, so half days for them, and the two little boys will be having nothing but fun for most of the last few days.

The sun is currently shining. Sure, there are nasty looking clouds surrounding the bit of blue, but this is more sun than we've seen in a long time.

Turken is having a great time playing baseball. All the kids are improving by leaps and bounds thanks to 3 fabulous coaches. Out of the blue, Turken asked if he could pitch an inning (At this age, the first two of the six innings are kid-pitch.) and his coaches let him give it a try. His form leaves much to be desired, but he did so well, they let him pitch in two different games.

I am thankful for the sweet little boy (Cuckoo) who loves to pick "flowers" for all females who happen to be in our house at any given time.

I am thankful for the planners of downtown Indy. There are so, so many fun things to do. Last night most of the family went to an Indianapolis Indians baseball game. After school but before the game we had time to just hand out at White River State Park (also downtown).

I love that my kids can enjoy themselves in just about any situation.

There is a small area in the park that has all of these limestone benches laid out in concentric circle formation. They spent half an hour jumping from stone to stone, and then a rousing game of Camouflage. 
 Alrighty. That's it for today. Let me know what you've been up to this week. Do tell, for what are you grateful?

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Commiserations to Phoenix and his team, what an awful shame they lost this morning when they were oh so close to winning.

    Maybe it's me, but I think Turken look quite grown up in those two photos.

    Bless Cuckoo for being such a sweet and sensitive child, those flowers are lovely. I just love that kid :)

  2. wow school is done for your family - i swear i am living in a cloud lately - time is flying my kids only have three or four weeks - maybe more like three - with finals those are half days too. James is going to the HS too - Amelia won't have the watchful eye of her brother anymore.... oh boy. so much to think about -

    despite the outcome congrats to Phoenix and his team; they did well.

    i love that age when boys can pick flowers - he is so sweet.

    your kids are great friends to one another - and maybe there are days when they don't act like it - (i know I see it with my own kids) in the end they come together how awesome....

    have a great week

  3. I thought it was awfully early for school to be ending, but then I remembered your kids go all year long with appropriate breaks in between. Sports offer kids so much more than the play. The team spirit, the camaraderie, the spotlight, the personal best. So that's two graduations for you this year? I always love the photos of the kids having fun. And Turken looks like a pro.

  4. I always come up with the best intros. They're hilarious and thoughtful and then I think, "Well, I'll just finish vacuuming this room," or "I'll finish folding this basket of laundry." And know.
    Hey, I spotted Phoenix! Before I read your caption! Is that impressive or creepy?
    I get a lot of flowers too, but not as pretty as those. Mostly dandelions ("dandel-islands" as Leo says it).
    That pic of your kids jumping over the rocks in sweatshirts--I saw that and knew you feel my pain about the spring weather. I do see 80s in the forecast next week! I'll take it even if it's raining!

  5. Way to go Phoenix. That rocks.

    You're so busy. It's a good thing and your kids are so awesome.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  6. Oh, what a heart-breaking loss!
    The end of the school year is such a busy time. I imagine your kids are all looking forward to a fun-filled summer vacation!

  7. excellent photoing!
    soon it'll be Summer!

  8. Argh! Sorry the volleyball was a repeat of previous years!

  9. I echo what you said about downtown Indianapolis. Any time we are in the state, I feel we must make a bee line there! It really is an undiscovered gem.
    We do not have boys' volleyball in Kansas. I would like to watch it sometime just to see how differently guys and girls play.
    Oh, Happy Summer to you and yours! I am on a total countdown mode!

  10. I know how busy my friend gets with her children's sport activities, no wonder you were so happy to gain another licensed driver in your household last year!

  11. So many memories made for your children. Sounds like they have a ball and you with them.

  12. Ah my clever intros never quite make it to the page, either. Life is really getting in the way of my creativity lately. The end of the school year is just nuts! Glad your crew is just about there - we still have a few weeks to go. :(
    I love that Cuckoo picks flowers. <3


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