Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ten Things of Thankful, the Everyone and Everything Is OK Edition, Week 146

Happy (yes, it's still) Easter!

Let's just get to it...

1.I am thankful Turken's fever is gone. Finally. When he got home from school on Monday, he had a low-grade fever. Through Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, it fluctuated between low-grade and high. He didn't have any other symptoms of illness except a decrease in appetite. He was still eating and drinking, just not as much as usual. Finally, on Friday, the first day of the kids' spring break, the fever was gone.

2. I'm thankful he's only in 2nd grade. It's not that big a deal if he misses three days of school.

3. I am thankful that Star is doing much, MUCH better. The toothache from last week's TToT ended up being a dying nerve in the tooth he cracked in half during a rousing game of tag at school 4 years ago. He had the root canal on Friday. It wasn't straightforward, since between the dentist appointment on Monday and the root canal on Friday, an infection had set in. His face was swollen and they had to cut his gums to get rid of the swelling. Friday and Saturday weren't much fun for him, but the penicillin is working and he's starting to eat things besides pudding and apple sauce.

4. I am thankful for modern dentistry and pharmaceuticals. The poor kid would have been in a world of hurt without them.

5. I am thankful for lots of great college options relatively close to home. Buttercup and I went to the University of Cincinnati's open house on Friday. It is only 2 hours away, has a fabulous architecture program, and is 15 minutes from the school Phoenix is thinking of attending. In my perfect world...

6. I am thankful we made it out of the parking garage without major incident. Let's just say we couldn't find any surface parking, so the garages were our only option. The highest clearance we could find was 6'9". We now know my van is at least 6'10".  When we crept into the garage, the back of the van hit the bar hanging down. Nothing we could do, though, but go forward. We were cocky when we parked in a spot very close to the enterance. "See, they don't mean that the cement beams are 6'9" off the ground!

Plenty of room. At least 3 inches!

After the open house, we headed back to the van. As we are slowly making our way to the exit, and the antennae scrapes a beam, Buttercup suggests, "Um, Mom, I think the beams are getting lower."

Yes, yes they were.

For the next 3 beams, Buttercup stood outside the van while I drove inch by inch underneath them, just to make sure I was going to make it. We were both sweating bullets, frantic about what we would do if I couldn't. My only thought was, "Well, I guess I can always let air out of the tires to gain an inch or two."

It took us about 5 minutes, which seemed like 5 weeks, but we didn't have to let air out and we didn't get stuck. Although at one point, under the lowest beam, the gap was so small Buttercup couldn't even fit her hand between the van and the beam.

Note to self: If Buttercup does end up at this school, never, ever bring the big van.

7. I am thankful we got to spend a few hours and a meal with my mom. Buttercup had a soccer game in Evansville, IN (southwest area of the state) on Saturday morning, so instead of driving home after the open house, we went to Louisville and spent the night with my mom, since it is almost exactly halfway between Cincinnati and Evansville.

8. I am thankful for awesome, local restaurants. The three of us went out to dinner.  Thanks to the 6 hour open house and the hour+ drive, we hadn't eaten for 8 hours, so we gorged ourselves on some delicious, out-of-the-box options. For example, we had an appetizer called Thanksgiving fritter. Turkey, green beans, and stuffing rolled up and fried, then served on dollops of mashed potatoes. They were the bomb. If you ever find yourself in or on the northeast side of Louisville, One Nineteen West Main in Lagrange, KY is someplace you should definitely try. (The link has a photo of the fritters we ate.)

9. I am thankful we made it home safely. The wind on Saturday we blowing a consistent 40mph, with gusts up to 60. And we were driving home in a gigantic van with a huge surface area catching it all.

Buttercup was trying to get her 50 hours of drive time in, and since the freeway we were on has little to no traffic, I let her drive.

Well, until it got worse...

When we pulled off and switched drivers, I could feel the dirt hitting my face. We could hear it hitting the windshield.

I had never seen such a forceful wind on such a pretty day.

10. I am thankful no one was hurt when the wind ripped off our outdoor chandelier, which normally hangs 20 feet above the porch. While we were driving, Bryan called to let us know to be careful when we got home. The porch is covered with glass, and he's not going to attempt to clean it up until the wind dies down.

Well, that was a long thankful post. Could have been broken up into multiple posts, but with the way things are going around here, I'd probably never get to writing them. Thanks for hanging in until the end.

I'm off to take photos of a baptism and two First Communions. It's going to be a great day.

Have a lovely day!

Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. The fritters look yummy... oh boy two college kids soon, terrific that they have choices somewhat closer to home. when our kids decide i am hoping that they both have good choices, and make good choices too.

    good going with the driving/parking garage - although you and Buttercup were sweating it out i knew you get out one way or another .

    glad to hear everyone is doing i am a bit concerned, Amelia chipped her front tooth a few years back, i think that is kind of common for a nerve to die like that - i remember my sister had a similar thing like Star, when we were young. I guess it's something to keep in mind.

    I think I am frist :) lol I am at my computer in the upstairs bedroom - all morning the wind has been howling outside my window and it sounds fierce - plus a few minutes ago i realized that it snowed, not alot but it snowed...April 3 it snowed!

    have a great week!

    1. They were. :)

      I know. It is blowing my mind that we are looking at colleges.

      Glad someone has some confidence in us. :) Based on the number of scratches on that hanging bar, we weren't the first doffuses to keep on going even though our vehicle was too tall.

      It is almost for sure that the person will need a root canal, it's just a matter of time. Our dentist's brother went 20 years with a broken tooth before the nerve died. If it ever starts hurting, get her in right away!

      You are! Congrats!!! I saw quite a few people getting snow. Another reason for me to be thankful...We didn't get snow. :)

  2. What a week, Christine! Your last two sentences say it all! Enjoy. The adventures with the van and wind would have had me on the edge.

    1. It was a week alright. :)

      Both experiences were white-knuckle, heart thumping ordeals. For sure.

  3. Okay, first I went over and looked at that menu. I'm starving now. So many yummy things to eat. I can see why you went there.

    I'm glad everyone is well at your house. That's always good news. Yikes on the dentist. Made my mouth ache just reading about it.

    I'm glad you had time to spend with your mom. and that van getting out of that parking garage had me on the edge of my seat. I kept waiting for something awful to happen. Well just like you did for real.

    All that wind and all that glass to clean up. That much have been mighty loud when it crashed.

    Have a fabulous day and I just love your thankful posts. ☺

    1. Doesn't it look good?!?

      I know. Looking at his swollen face made me cringe in pain myself.

      Ha! I was so nervous, it didn't even cross my mind to take a photo. I didn't even think "Well, it will be a good blog post." I was way to scared.

      If a chandelier falls and no one is home to hear it, does it make a sound? ;) No one was home at the time.

      Thank you!

  4. two words: 'yow!'

    (kinda cool, the parking garage adventure*)

    Aunty Em! Aunty Em!**

    having snow flurries today (here in RI) but, hell, it's April... how bad can it be?

    *well, for those of us from Y Chromia, the appropriate response is... cool
    ** the wind storm, looking Kansasistic

    1. I don't know about cool, but it was something. :)

      I heard!!! I would have been very unhappy if we got snow.

      It does look prairie-like doesn't it??

  5. Glad to hear that Turken has got over his fever and Star is feeling better after the dentistry.

    I hope you didn't damage the van on the bar hanging down at the parking garage. I made a mess of the side door on mine a few days ago while I was away - it's on Monday's blog post but I forgot to take a pic - however it's being fixed now and I should have it back tomorrow.

    A shame that your outdoor chandelier got smashed, will you be able to replace it?

    1. Thanks! Me, too. :)

      I'll be reading posts in the morning! Looking forward to reading how you managed to do that!

      We will replace it. The problem is finding someone who can. It's really, really high up there.

  6. Oi! Fevers and cracked teeth. I have never needed one of those root proceedures before myself.
    That van story had me on the edge of my seat for a minute. Glad you got it out.
    Happy Easter continuation.

    1. I haven't either, but my mom has had more than one root canal. They are no fun.

      You and me both! :)

      Thank you!

  7. Wow....glad everyone is okay....coulda been a disaster week! Hope it cams down some!

    1. It could have been, but thankfully it wasn't. This week is going way, way smoother.

  8. Wow....glad everyone is okay....coulda been a disaster week! Hope it cams down some!

  9. Lots of eventfulness going on! When you start off the title with "Everything Is OK", I'm thinking, "Sheesh, what now?!" ;) Glad everything is okay!

  10. I so get the big car in an old parking deck. I used to drive a Suburban and my son put a kayak rack on the roof. One time I had the parking attendants running towards my car before I headed in to certain death -- or destruction of the top of that car. Good luck with the college decisions. Hard to believe my oldest will be a college grad next month. Where did time go?

    1. Oh have mercy! Good thing that attendant was there to stop you!!

      Thank you. I'm excited for them and nervous for them and sad for me all at the same time.

      I wish I could tell you where it went. I'm asking myself the same question.

  11. Never, ever a dull moment in your lives! That parking garage would have done me in, I am a little claustrophobic to begin with, and the feeling of getting sandwiched in so closely would have surely put me in full panic. I am grateful there was just enough - barely - clearance to get you out again safely. Whew!

    1. Normally, I'd agree with you, but this week, a week of spring break that we aren't going anywhere, is quite dull. It's marvelous. :)

      I was as close to panic as I get. Sweating bullets for sure.

  12. OK Christine. The picture of the deserted road, that is the highway Buttercup was driving on? How insanely cool lol I'd love to be out on a flat stretch cruising at above speed :D A great place for a new driver to hone her chops :D
    I'm very glad that Turken is feeling better. Somehow it's rougher to be sick when you're young. But really, my heart goes out to Star! Anything Just feel real bad. Teeth problems, infections, all that, it's no picnic. I bet he's excited to eat "real" food again.
    Sounds like a nice treat, spending the night with your Mom. I bet she really enjoyed the company :)
    Let's talk food. Checked out the menu. Very reasonable prices, and the food sounds (and looks) great. And! It's the first menu I've seen that meantions adobo. I guess I've been under a rock but the first time I ate adobo was when my Philipino co-worker brought in adobo and white rice. It was excellent. Right about now I could go for either the 119 Fries or the Fried Green Tomatoes. Hm...maybe it's time for dinner.
    I'm glad you guys made it home safely. You and that van Christine? I think you've got enough stories to write a book! Just sayin' Johnny :D
    Have an excellent and "uneventful" week.

    1. That is the road she was driving on. It was taken when we pulled off to switch drivers. It is a good, easy stretch of driving when the wind isn't trying to blow you off. :)

      Turken wasn't miserable in the least. Every time I took his temp and it was above 100, he just grinned, knowing it meant he wouldn't be going to school the next day.
      Star is definitely the one to feel for. He took it like a champ, never a complaint through it all. He looked pretty miserable, though. He's almost completely back to normal now, thank heavens.
      She and we did. :)
      I've never had adobo! Don't even know what it is. I'll give it a try next time I go.
      Ha! People keep telling me that. It's easier just to write them on the blog. :)
      Thank you! So far, so good!

  13. Did you try ducking as you went under the low beams in the parking garage? Because that's what I do when the ceiling is low, and I haven't hit one of those beams yet....
    We've had those horrid winds, too. I was driving the Sequoia in them, with the winds hitting straight against the side, and I really thought I was going to blow off the road. That thing is top heavy.
    I would much rather visit a local restaurant than a chain. Our rule when traveling is that we can't eat at a place we already have at home.
    Glad the fever is gone and the tooth is better and that all seems to be busy but well with you.

    1. Hahahaha!!! I was ducking the entire time. :)

      We had to fight to stay on the road, for sure. Which made for quite the comedy when we would go under the rare overpass. For the .05 seconds that the wind was blocked, the car violently jerked to the left.
      We have the same rule! Makes for much more interesting (and more delicious) travel!

  14. Happy day of taking photographs to you - I hope all went well.

    HOORAY for fitting the big car under the beams, and for Buttercup's safe driving. Good to know in advance of her making an excellent decision and picking an ideal school, that you won't want to take the big van there again ;)

    Glad you got to spend some time with your mom, and that all the ill-healths in your house have turned around into recoveries. Here's to more and more good health, and more sunshine :)

    1. Thanks. All went very well.

      True, true, true. Moving in day would be a disaster! :)

  15. College shopping with each of my kids provided me with some of my favorite memories. Such an exciting time of life. (even without undersized garages!)
    The dental situation sounds excruciating! Hope he is healing nicely by now.

    1. Ha! Yes, college visits are proving to be great fun and even better conversation starters. It's marvelous to see all the hard work we've put in when they were younger coming to fruition. It also gives me a glimpse into our relationships as adult friends instead of parent/child. Awesome.

      It wasn't fun, for sure, but he's almost back to normal.

  16. I once had that exact same experience with my large van in a parking garage. It was awful. And I didn't even think of letting air out of the tires. LOL I was just in a panic. We make it out and thankfully no one can SEE the the top of the van to see the scrapes. And thankfully antennas are bendy and don't snap easily.

    The weather on Sat. was crazy. I was actually driving back from Indy and it was so weird. It went from sunny to like a blizzard in 5 minutes. I saw like 5 tractor trailers and one overturned camper on the side of the road on the way home. I guess they are just too unstable in the high winds/

    1. Hahaha!! Oh, that sound had to be awful! The sound of the antenna was bad enough. While the big vans are quite convenient when hauling a large family, they come with completely unexpected side effects!

      Yikes!! I'm so glad we didn't have any snow to go with it!

  17. Oh poor guy!!! My son is in grade 2 and has missed quite a few days. Lots of problems with his teacher causing anxiety and lots of dental stuff too. This is one expensive year. Son of a...
    Parking garages make me stroke. Once I ran into a yellow caution pole at a gas station -- yes that isn't in parking garage but if I can run into a caution pole in a wide open space, imagine all the things I could run into in a parking garage.

    1. I remember the problems your son was having with the teacher. I hope it has gotten better. Dental stuff is awful. Not just the pain, but the expense! Dental insurance isn't all that great.

      Ha! They are quite creepy. My husband once scraped the entire side of his car on the big support beams in a parking garage. Another car was coming in the opposite direction, and instead of stopping to wait, he just kept on going. He said it was a mental breakdown. It happened so fast, he has no idea why he didn't just stop.

  18. Yay for kiddos on the mend. I think moms feel as bad when their kids are sick as the sick kids do! Smart thinking on letting the air out of your tires if you had to. Not too many people think about that which always surprises me. I have to say though, that part of your post was a lit'l bit of a cliff hanger for me. I'm so happy you didn't get stuck! Super happy about the baptisms and communions. Those always make my heart smile. I too am thankful. :)

    1. Normally, I do feel terrible seeing my kids sick. For Star, I absolutely did. Turken? not so much. He was just fine except for the fever. He just grinned whenever I took his temperature, knowing he didn't have to go to school.

      I'm kind of surprised I thought of the air out of the tire thing. Good to know I can think creatively when I have to. :)

      It was a great day of Sacraments, for sure!


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