Friday, October 2, 2015

Two Hours Ago I Sat Down to Write a "Quick" List of Thankfuls, TToT Week 120

I've been sitting here for 30 minutes trying to come up with some way to intro this week's TToT. I've got nothin'. Soooooo...we're going straight to the thankfuls.

1. I think I can finally say I'm used to being at home by myself all day. While I would still prefer to have a young one with me during the day, I am not on the verge of tears anymore. I am seeing some benefit to this new lifestyle.

2. My parents, last time I checked, were both safe. My mom was on a cruise in the Bahamas this week. I normally don't call her when she's on vacation, but on Thursday, with no word or photos posted on FB since Monday, I was getting nervous. I had to text to make sure she wasn't being tossed around by Joaquin. She's not. They rerouted their return and managed to avoid any rough seas. My dad has been in Myrtle Beach all week. He's been posting regularly and should be able to fly out without a problem. I'll keep praying for everyone who is still on the coast and in the danger zone, though.

3. I actually had time to write two posts this week! It was good to get back to writing something besides the thankful posts.

4. In Thursday's post, I mentioned that we were able to see the eclipse. The best part was not the eclipse itself, but the time spent with Turken curled up on my lap to watch it. He was ridiculously excited to see it. His class had been talking about the moon for an entire month, even keeping a journal to watch it wax and wane. We had put the boys to bed with the promise of waking them up to see the eclipse, but Turken could not fall asleep. Finally, at about 9:45 I let him come outside with me. For almost an hour, the two of us sat outside watching the moon, listening to nature all around us, and talking about Neil Armstrong and all other things moon related. It was marvelous.

5. Monday was my last of three days working in the kindergarten room. It was a really good three days, but I'm glad it was only three days. I was exhausted at the end of the school day. I actually came home and told my kids to give me 10 minutes to myself. I was conked out on the couch within seconds.

6. Hey, did you hear that the pope was in the US last week? While I was basically glued to the Catholic channel on XM when I was in the car and on the computer at home, trying to soak up all that he was doing and saying, two teachers at our school (They're married.) and our parish's deacon were in Philadelphia. I am having so much fun living vicariously through them. They took lots of photos and even wrote a blog on the school's teacher webpage. To top it off, they brought back rosaries blessed by Pope Francis. One for each of their students. Lucky for us, Mrs. is Cuckoo's teacher and Mr. is Giant's. We are so fortunate to have these faithful, generous folks working with our children each day.

7. We are in the middle of soccerpalooza here at the coop. The high school teams have their county tournament, and with three kids playing on three teams (who keep winning), that has meant at least one game each and every night except today. When we add Turken and Giant into the mix, it means that we have had/will have 19 games, with the possibility of 3 more if the teams do well, in 9 days (last Saturday through this coming Sunday). Written down, it sounds like I'd be a crazy busy lunatic, but thankfully, it really hasn't been bad. The varsity teams play at the same place, back to back, during the tournament, so we haven't had to run all over the city. Each night, either Bryan or I went to the games, while the other took the home front, which ended up with half the practices cancelled anyway.

8. The end of the first quarter was this week. (Can you even believe how fast time is going??!?!) I am thrilled to say that all 6 of the kids are doing well. Long-time readers know how Phoenix was kicked in the behind by high school those first two years. This year, he is a different kid. He has not missed a single homework assignment this year, and it's not because we've been on his case the whole time. It has been a great year so far.

9. I managed to get Bryan's favorite red cake done today. With all of the soccer games, this was the first night we were all going to be home together for dinner and birthday cake all week. There was a bit of a major snafu when I made the icing, so I had to throw it all away and start over, but by golly I got it DONE! I won't have to make another one for a whole nother year.

10. As always (even though I don't always write it in my thankfuls), I am overwhelmed with how wonderful Bryan is. For the last many months, we have been letting the kids' schedules wear us down and had gotten into a horrible pattern of not taking time to pay attention to each other. On Sunday, we had a nice chat and recommitted ourselves to keeping the marriage first in the chaos. We've spent time alone each night this week, whether it's just 15 minutes in the kitchen while we clean up or a whole game of Scrabble while the boys watch football. We're being more attentive and less perfunctory in our hellos and goodbyes and discussions of how our time will be spent. It's been a great week.

I think it's only fitting to end a post without an intro without a closing, don't you? :)

Link up or leave a comment letting me know what has you saying thank you this week!

Have a lovely day!

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  1. I especially love #4. We didn't see the lunar eclipse, but imagining you watching it together makes me smile.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Aw, I'm glad. Thinking about it makes me smile, too. :)

  2. wow wonderful...we have one soccer player in the house and he is exhausted, he is playing with his school; everyday practice; the games only started this wins but he comes home with wonderful silver-linings last one was (it was a good game mom, even though we didn't win we were all talking to one another and listening) which leads me to his school work 7th grade kicked him hard....his enthusiastic this year to hand in assignments early/on time and study hard is wonderful to watch...its wonderful we have kids that figure it out and do their best... :) big smile

    the Pope's visit was wonderful; watching the Mass at MSG was....awe-inspiring there were 20,000 people plus viewers all praying and listening to the Gospel all at the same time hallelujah because for once we all witnessed... good - no not good but a purpose, or maybe just as simple as a common ground among so much diversity and adversity...hmm plus you have blessed Rosaries,I pray the Rosaries all the time, i think I should teach my kids how to also.

    the eclipse was wonderful sitting in our driveway eating pie was and talking about the moon was priceless...we started singing moon songs LOL

    hope your parents are well and safe too...we are having a north-easterner since yesterday ; windy it's damp, cold this is not Joaquin so I can't imagine what the Bahamas are enduring...did you know Joaquin was in the Bahamas for 24 hours as a category 4 not moving away...glad to here your Mom's ship was rerouted and your dad is on his way home.

    sometimes you just need that reminder ...great way to finish it off how a little connection can make difference...nick and i connect in the kitchen too cleaning up, lately he helps me with the game brain power... lol!

    have a great weekend and week...

    1. Games are just starting??? Wow. Your season is way later than ours. High school soccer will be done next week! Sounds like your son has a great attitude.
      Pope Francis certainly does get people talking and doing, doesn't he? And yes, teach your kids the rosary! :)
      I don't think I even know a moon song!
      My parents are safe and sound. Dad's flight made it out, and my mom has landed in Florida. I did know that about the hurricane. It's what set my nerves off big time, worrying about my mom out there.
      ha! At least you two are doing something together. :)

  3. I'm glad that your parents are safe. It's so strange to me to be hoping for rain here, when so many on the east coast are hoping for the rain to stop. I hope the soccer games continue to work well in your schedule. :-) Glad you had such a great week with the Pope's visit. You know I'm a huge advocate for date nights--and any time alone counts! It certainly can get tricky when in the midst of raising kids, but it's so important!

  4. Watching the eclipse and listening to nature with Turken sounds lovely.

    It's good that you and Bryan have managed to find some time alone together, even if those periods are relatively short. All too often life gets in the way and we forget who we are and why we are together. In fifteen years together Peter and I never forgot to say ''I love you'' at least once each day - those three little words mean so much.

  5. I teach kindergarten so I totally hear ya on The first week back to school, I came home exhausted. I have to work up my endurance after having the summer off:)

  6. I like the rosaries the best. That's really neat. Wow.

    I'm glad you and hubby are taking time for yourselves. It's essential that you do that. Kids can suck the very life out of you and you don't know it until it's too late.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  7. I always love my visits to your "chicken coops". Pope Francis takes my breath away with love and goodness. I'm off to read about the red cake. Have a good weekend. I wish it would stop raining here

  8. Neither of my boys were the athletic type, but I know how insane the different sports seasons can get for my friend and her family. Sometimes couples can get lost in the fray, it's important to put that first sometimes and remember each other.

  9. #4 is totally awesome. I meant to stay up but completely forgot about it until the next day!
    No doubt it's challenging, adjusting to your new "lifestyle" Christine. So happy you are discovering the benefits :)
    True what they say - relationships are work (sometimes) but not the kind of work you mind :) Enjoy your alone time.
    And the Red Cake!

  10. the lunar eclipse (and letting the kids stay up!) muy coolito!

    (now this won't work, but that's never stopped me before)... but the Red Cake thing? I totally get a visual, combined Medieval/Norse with a touch of pirate... "Enough with the gifts!! Bring me Red Cake!!!" (I don't suppose you have any of those torch things for lighting and a big wooden table for the birthday dinner?)

  11. Recommitting oneself to each other is so important. It's so easy to get side-tracked in a busy life, but personally, I enjoy the intentional "getting back together" every once in a while. I bet the cake was delicious! I felt too exhausted to bake at all the last weeks, so the first pumpkin bread of the season was twice as delicious, since it was the first home-baked goodie in a while..

    I hope you have a great weekend, Christine!

  12. SO GOOD that you are Bryan were able to reconnect. I've been feeling that loss lately with Brian out of town for work or other events and life just moving too fast. We will reconnect soon too. But I don't think Scrabble will be involved. That game stresses me out.

  13. Life sounds good there. It does take some time to get used to not having a small person around during the day, but soon you find your days full and fun all the same. I am glad you have had a chance to be at school. I think that helps.

  14. I love picturing you and Turken watching the moon together! David and I were the only ones home and stood out on the sidewalk and watched it for a long time. It was so nice!
    Yay for winning soccer teams! t's so much more fun to play when you win!
    Every time I watched or read anything about the Pope, I thought about you :)

  15. Love all the people that were looking up at the moon at the same time.
    I love red and I love cake so that sounds like the perfect combo.
    Alone time as a couple is vital. Good for you for making it happen.

  16. I'm sure your kids love seeing their parents there supporting them at their games. I haven't made the red cake in years. I'm not sure if your red cake is the same one I used to make. Mine had red food coloring in it. The Pope has had a great impact for good as he has made his visits, as well as in carrying out his responsibilities.

  17. Snuggling with the little one during the eclipse does sound wonderful. Seems like a perfect evening.


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