Monday, November 24, 2014

Procrastinate Really Should Be My Middle Name

This is one odd morning.

Things are happening that haven't happened in years.

Or ever.

I hardly recognize myself.

First, I had to get to work on decorations for my grandma's 90th birthday party. With Thanksgiving being only 3 days away, I really can't put it off any longer.

My relatives are going to rue the day they put me in charge of them.  

But besides that, why didn't I just buy some centerpiece flowers and be done with it?

Because I like to make things complicated, apparently.  

Instead of simple, I decided to get all crafty.

FYI, I am not crafty.

I'm making tissue paper flowers, People.  

I actually watched a video

on YouTube

showing me how to make a flower

out of tissue paper.


Oh, and I'm making table runners out of Bingo paper, because my grandma went to Bingo at least 3 nights a week for years.  Grandpa was the caller of the numbers.  They helped put me through high school by putting Bingo packets together.  (Oh, the hours we would spend counting and stapling Bingo cards!)  

I bought daubers, too, so we could play some real Bingo at her party.

Mason jars were used because she hates canning.  She and her sisters would help their mom can hundreds and hundreds of jars each year, but her mom gave them no credit when she would say, "I canned 400 jars this year".  It annoyed Grandma to no end.  Actually, Grandma balked when I said I was doing some canning of my own.

And the cards inside the Mason jars are a nod to our family's obsession with playing card games, specifically Euchre, but we also like to throw in some Rummy and Pinochle every once in a while.  

Lastly, there are cards sticking out of the larger jars.  I wrote to all grandkids who are college age and younger, asking them to write down a memory of Grandma.  I even sent self-addressed, stamped envelopes.  

I've  gotten one back so far.

My family, while I adore them, stinks.  (I was thinking of using a stronger word,'s Thanksgiving.)

So, there are cards with my kids' and my one cousin's kids memories sticking out of the jars.

I've made less than half the flowers I'm going to need.

What in the world was I thinking?

Making tissue paper flowers is fun the first one or five times, but by the sixth one, it's just plain boring.  So, in order to procrastinate the flower-making, I came up with a new, unnecessary chore:

Ya'll, I made oatmeal for the chickens.  I even added raisins that no one in my family will eat because they are gigantic raisins which were not made my Sunmaid and 50 cent raspberries that no one will eat because they are "squishy".


I'm beginning to think The Backyard Chicken Lady is sending me subliminal messages.  Or perhaps the "girls" have sent word to Zoe, and she's been putting ideas in my head while I sleep.  Who knows.  But I am not the sort of person who normally makes special meals for my chickens.

Also, I'm not the sort of person who likes to clean bathrooms.  I really needed to do that, since the kids' bathroom is getting fixed tomorrow.  

Pretty sure I made oatmeal to procrastinate scrubbing the shower grout.

Lucky for you, I did not take a photo of the shower grout.

"What was Cuckoo doing all this time?" you ask.

It is See How Close I Can Get to Cutting My Fingers Off Day.  Once I finished cutting up the tissue paper for the flowers, he got to slicing up every piece of paper he could find.

Those gigantic scissors at his elbow...He was using those to cut up...I have no idea.  I only know he was NOT running with them.

Skipping perhaps, but not running.

Currently, he is using crimping scissors to cut all of the sliced pieces into teeny tinier pieces.

FYI He's the sixth kid.  First kids never get to have fun days like this.

I'll be getting in the shower next, 'cause I'm really not in the mood to try to vacuum up all of those teeny tiny pieces.

And honestly, the shower is the only normal thing I'm doing today, albeit 7 hours later than normal.

Oh, except for writing this post.  Some people may say that blogging is synonymous with procrastinating.  Some people may be on to something.

So, are you doing anything out of the ordinary today?

Have a lovely day!

And in case I don't see you, HAVE A WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!


  1. Are you drinking cold adult beverages when you're doing this? I'm just wondering.

    We're on the boat and will be heading home this afternoon. It's been a wonderful relaxing weekend of reading and just enjoying our beautiful marina. Life is good.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

    1. No, unfortunately. :)

      Oh, to live someplace where I can just jump on a boat...

  2. Oh boy...I've had those days. Many of them.
    As for the decorations - I think they are wonderful with all those personal touches. I'm way impressed. I am not crafty, either, so I'm still fascinated that you thought of all that stuff!

    1. Ha! Thanks. It's not fancy, that's for sure, but it has some touches of our family. I can come up with ideas, but the execution is the problem for me.

  3. Oh, I LOVE you centerpieces! I think they're wonderful. I AM crafty, but I agree with you--the first few are fun and then it's boring.

  4. There are days that I swear Shirley Mclain has taught the girls to channel. They seem to send out a vibe when there is trouble afoot! But I do make them special meals occasionally... especially in winter. I bet they loved the oatmeal! even with the mondo raisins and squishy raspberries!

    1. They did love the oatmeal. I think the raisins and raspberries were their favorite part, unlike my children.

      Hey, did you comment go through without a hitch?

  5. awesome day...for a Monday not bad - the centerpieces are adorable...i was in a cubicle counting beans blah! have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

  6. I LOVE THOSE FLOWERS! Totally going to try to make them over the holiday break. And I would gobble up that oatmeal haha

  7. I think the flowers are pretty, and yaknow what, for a hobby farmer with six kids, that's not a bad effort at all. Clean bathrooms? Double bonus.

    And hey, we in the Blogosphere enjoyed your procrastination, so there's that.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. chicken oatmeal…. chicken oatmeal or chicken oatmeal?!
    …actually grout cleaning is kinda fun (well, if cleaning is actually necessary then I'm all for the kitchen or the bath… always a huge 'before/after/ benefit.
    yeah, I know! what's the deal with boring and repetitive tasks being so…. er boring!

    have a good T-Day


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