Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ten Things of Thankful, Week 14

People who live the most fulfilling lives are the ones who are always rejoicing at what they have.
-- Richard Carlson

1.  I am thankful for the half-day kindergarten option.  It's a rare thing for schools to offer these days, and I am grateful our school is one to have kept it.  Instead of having to sit at a desk or stand in line, Turken is out doing things like this:

2.  I am thankful for my Bible study group.  While it's been a while since we've actually discussed the Bible, I am so glad to be a part of this group.  For one, they have kids the same age as Cuckoo and Turken.  The little boys were starting to believe that 10-14 year olds were their appropriate playmates, so it's good to get them together with kids their own age.  For two, every Friday, while the kids play, I am guaranteed an entire afternoon of socializing with some friends.

3.  I am thankful for Phoenix.  The boy turned 15 this week.  I am so happy to see what a kind, compassionate, fun young man he is growing up to be.  (I can't tell you how painful it was just now to type "young man".  I prefer the term "my baby".)

4.  I am thankful for dollar stores.  Where else can you buy bags and bags of sponges for $4?  The day of our Labor Day party was the last in a long line of hot, humid days.  I wanted an activity which would keep the kids in attendance cool and out of the house.  Baby pool filled with water + bags and bags of sponges + 25 kids = fun water fight of epic proportions

5.  I am thankful for Buttercup.  Stores only sell scrubby sponges with the really rough, sandpaper-like edge these days.  We couldn't have the kids throw those at each other, so the scrubby part had to be cut off of each sponge.  Buttercup offered to take care of that job for me.  (And yes, I now have a big bag of scrubby pads under my kitchen sink which will last us until I am well into retirement age.)

6.  I am thankful for the absolutely perfect weather we've had for the past 5 days.  Sun, slight breeze, and cooler temperatures makes me a happy, happy camper.

7.  I am thankful for all of the visitors we've had to our house lately.   It started with COW's aunt last week, then COW's mom on Saturday/Sunday, our friends for the party on Sunday, and my mom, brother, and his family for the day on Monday.  I so enjoy having people over, but it happens so rarely.  It was nice to have such a full week.

8.  I am thankful for our kids' schools' service hour requirements.  Both the high school and middle school require the students to do service hours which count towards their grades.  While I have always had the kids do volunteer work with me, these required hours gets us out and doing more even when we don't feel like it.  This morning, I took 5 of the 6 kids to work at The Lord's Pantry. (Click the link.  You'll see what we do there.)

9.  I am thankful for the folks who run The Lord's Pantry and similar places.  They are very good at showing us volunteers how to best serve those in the community who need it most.  I know that every dime I give, every minute I give, will be used 100% in serving the basic needs of the poor of the Indianapolis community. 

10.  I am thankful for quiet mornings with Cuckoo.  The 5 oldest kids leave the house by 6:30 each morning, and we don't pick Turken up until 11:00.  Cuckoo and I have our little routine of cuddling, crying because he's hungry, eating breakfast, then feeding and watching the animals.  We especially enjoy sitting out by the chickens and watching their antics.  When they fight over a piece of tomato, we try to figure out what they are yelling at each other.  We especially like watching when a moth flies through.  A chicken trying to catch a moth is a funny sight indeed.

What about this week makes you rejoice?

Tell me in the comments or join the link!

Have a lovely day!

Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. Being on our boat with our boating friends. That's the very best.

    You have much to be thankful for and it shows.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

    1. We've gone boating with friends a handful of times in our life. Those are great days, fully worthy of being thankful.

      I do. I'm glad it shows.

  2. I giggled SO MUCH at the idea of a chicken trying to catch a moth. Can you please catch a moth and then put it in the coop and video the resulting chases? Sounds so funny :D

    This is a glorious list of thankfulness. I'm glad you're enjoying the cooler weather, and that you're spending your time Doing Good (probably counts for more when you don't really feel like it? maybe)

    Happy Birthday Phoenix - it sounds as though he's turning into a wonderful chap, and credit to you for that :)

    I'm glad Buttercup's on your list - what a helpful job she did. Sounds like the kind of faffy, irritating thing which would've driven me nuts.

    Glad you had such fun with all your visitors and groups and people you've seen in the week :) I really enjoyed this list.

    1. It is so, so funny, especially when two or three go after the same moth. It only lasts a few seconds (my chickens are QUICK!), but I'll see what I can do. :)

      Like doing lists of thankful, even if you don't feel it when you start, you always walk away glad you got out and volunteered.

      He is a wonderful chap. Much of the credit has to go to COW. Phoenix is a spitting image of him, in both looks and sense of humor.

      It was very helpful. If it was up to me, I might have just let the kids throw the scrubbies at each other. :)

      It was lots of fun.

      I'm glad. :)

    2. Well for my second, I totally borrowed from your idea of having a quote, and then kept going, so thanks for that - certainly there are ways this hop helps when you least expect it.

      Video of the chickens would be amazing (if you have time between pranking Mrs AR's neighbours and making pretzel bark)

      Credit for upraising a wonderful young man can go to the both of ye, fair enough?

      (I wouldn't have had a second thought about scrubbies. Probably. Unless I was in my professional capacity, and even then I suspect not.)

    3. You are welcome! You found some great ones! (Some of them were even ones I had thought about using.)

      I'm afraid to make the bark, after hearing you and Dyanne compare it to crack. :)

      Fair enough.

      I know. Most adults wouldn't. But the kids were a bit worried. I suspect that's why Buttercup offered. She was afraid it wouldn't happen otherwise.

    4. Ahhh the ol' vested interest. Fair enough :)

      Be afraid of the bark, be very afraid - the amount of butter in there will make your heart scream for mercy even as you make the recipe!

  3. Love having visitors- lucky you having so many! Happy Birthday to your kiddo- time must fly!

    1. I do, too. We have gone months and months without one visitor, then, BAM, so many in one week.

      Time is going at lightening speed, which doesn't exactly make me happy.

  4. I was waiting to hear about how the visitors went this week. You were so looking forward to them... sounds great! Happy Birthday Phoenix! and I am sooooo in favor of half day kindergarten... I think its a big mistake for kids that age to be indoors all day...

    1. I was looking forward to them, and the visits couldn't have gone better.

      I could get on one GIANT soap box about kindergarten. So many people choose it for the wrong reasons. I have had several parents, years after I had their children in my preschool class, thank me for talking them out of all-day. (It just happened again a few days ago.)

  5. Happy birthday to Phoenix! 15? Are we talking Learner's Permit here?

    I wish we still had half day kindergarten as an option in out public schools. They get so TIRED after lunch. I really think it's only done as a babysitting courtesy to parents. Which is fine if that's what you need, but half day should be available as well.

    Start saving liquid dish soap bottles now for next year's water party and the kids can play squirt tag with them. Tremendous fun!

    My kids have helped with a Christmas toy giveaway since they were old enough to know that Santa doesn't bring toys and some children get little or no gifts. I had to prepare them for the fact that, being a relatively small town, they would see kids they knew from school getting toys, and they were never to mention it to anyone else.

    You've still got some sidebar photo updating to do, or do you think you're finished (because you're not).

    1. We would be talking learner's permit if he actually got off his duff and did something about it. He's not exactly what you would call a go-getter. And he's a nervous kid to boot. He probably wouldn't mind being licenseless all through high school.

      Don't get me started about mandatory all-day kindergarten! I'm sorry Joplin doesn't have the option. If Indiana decides to make it mandatory (there's always talk), that will be the year I homeschool Cuckoo.

      Squirt tag (with bottles!) sounds like lots of fun!

      It would be hard to volunteer in such places in a small town where you knew so many people. Good for you, teaching them the right way to do it, though.

      Ack! You noticed?!?

    2. I noticed....

      Here's something that is little-known (and definitely not broadcast by school officials): the compulsory education age in Missouri is 7. So as long as your kindergartener is under 7, you can legally take them out of school at noon every day if you want to. You won't endear yourself to the administration, but if all day kindergarten is just too much for your child, then this is one solution.

    3. This is the same thing that always baffles me in Indiana. Kindergarten isn't mandatory (age 7 here, too) yet if you do go to kindergarten, the kindergarten requirements are ridiculously hard. Turken's class has sight words they are supposed to memorize, yet I know for a fact, many of the kids don't even know the alphabet! (I taught many of the kids in his class.) It's not our school requiring these things, but the state. And now they are pushing for only all-day kindergarten. When kindergarten isn't even mandatory. Making kids go all day isn't going to make them smarter, and it certainly won't help us beat other countries in math and science.
      Look at you, tempting me onto my soapbox...

    4. Ick. Take 'em out, keep 'em home - teach them at their OWN PACE.

      *runs away from soapboxes*

  6. Dollar stores are pretty awesome, I must agree. We frequented one in a small town about 45 minutes from our campsite. Life saver!!

    P.S. - I had a flurry of beautiful bats visit my home last night. I was thrilled I tell you. Apparently your bat friend got the message and brought his family! Hahaha!! Crazy, weird, but very cool. :D

    1. GET OUT!!! You had bats at your house!?!?! I'm so happy for you. (Not many people would see that as a good thing. Just sayin'.) I'm assuming none of them got into the house.

    2. Yes! It was too weird! And no, none got in the house. (Thank goodness!)

  7. water fights with sponges! why was I not informed? lol... I do not remember that particular summer/early post-summer activity growing up! the things these 21st Century kids get to do!
    I like #2 a group often starts with a single 'common point' but, as it develops provides so much more.

    the weather is still 'not bad'... I have resolved not to complain about the change in the weather, as I realize that there is no basis for acting like there was ever any question about the warm least it's lasting beyond August or September (in a good year).

    good Post... to get in so late!

    1. I made up the sponge game on the fly. Now you know and can play the next time you have guests. :) Perhaps a video water sponge fight at your next video brunch? :)

      It's true. Over the last two years, the group has certainly changed and developed.

      Good for you, not complaining about the weather. You live in New England. There's no such thing as a mild winter, is there?


      And the fact you got your list linked before me doesn't make mine late! You've been doing well getting your posts in pretty early, so I can't be upset about yours being first. However, if my post ever goes up after Miss Campbell's, something must have gone terribly wrong on my end. Call 911. :)

    2. lol! ("...but lady! you need to send some out there right away! I don't care if I've 1 thousand miles away and, sure I've never met her in person... I still need to report a problem!! hurry... well, it's a bloghop... and that's a special... hello??")

    3. Hahahahahaha!!! Well, when you put it that way... :)

    4. Lol. Y'all are safe this weekend - I gave Kristi time off - she had a lovely wedding to go to, which took her time.

  8. I agree with your assessment of half-day kindergarten. There is much to be learned from being outside riding bikes.

    Friends, visitors, a happy birthday--you did have much for which to be thankful this week!

    1. At that age, there is much more to learn out of school than in for those hours of the day.

      I certainly did!

  9. This week I'm definitely thankful for my brother, who doesn't get upset with me when I call him out of the blue and ask him to solve my computer problems. I'm NOT thankful for Windows 8 though, which seems to have been created specifically to give me a nervous breakdown.

    1. I am so glad your brother was able to save you from a breakdown. I'm sure a breakdown would not be pretty. :)

  10. I too, am grateful for a quiet. day!

  11. What beautiful things to be thankful for! In Germany, we do not usually have all-day school; our girl are in kindergarten now, which can be all-day (part of it a a day-care function), but we only have them in a half-day group. Love that they can go somewhere, find friends and learn to become more self-sufficient while we are still the main people to take care of them.

    I bet the sponge throwing was a lot of fun. Your daughter seems such a great young lady! I wished they had mandatory service hours at all types of school, and even early on. I love that the kindergarten classes actually go out, visit people at the nursing home and sing for them. Unfortunately, later-on they don't have social service any more, which is sad.

    Have a wonderful new week!

    1. At our school, the all-day is the same as yours. It's called K-care and the parents have to pay extra for it.

      It would be wonderful if all schools required service hours. Around here, the public schools don't except for the honor society students.

      Thanks! You, too.

  12. Aren't dollar stores the best. I love the Dollar Tree. Everything for a dollar (or less). What could be better?

    1. They are! I had forgotten about them for a few years, but have rediscovered them. Awesome idea.

  13. While I did enjoy your list, I do have a slight correction to make: you are no camper (see #6). And I would know, because I CLEARLY am one.

    1. I would be a camper, if it didn't entail a community bathroom a mile from the tent, and that icky, wet feeling everything has in the morning. Oh, and the tent. If it didn't include a tent, I would be a great camper. :)

  14. Official Linked-In Individual #28 and Ambassador of Pigwrangloria reporting for duty!

    GAH, lame I missed an actual party :-( Happy Belated Birthday to Phoenix! It sounds like it was an awesome party with the water fight and I suspect as I go over some of the missed postings I will find a handful of pictures proving the events described took place, and that everyone fell victim to a sponge...

    For the longest time I was too embarrassed to even walk into a dollar store. How ridiculous is that? I eventually got over that crap, but I never thought about buying bulk sponges even though I can potentially go through tons of them at work.

    I believe here kindergarten half-days are more common? Though, I may be thinking pre-school? I will have to look into that some. Looks like those bikes are getting their wear and tear!

    This week was definitely another one to be thankful for weather. Not sure what it was like there, but here it has really cooled down, almost cold at some points during the evening with a breeze. My season is coming!

    I read that link as "The Lord's Panty" and so now I feel it would be too sacrilegious to hover my arrow over it and tap down with my pointer finger. Dirty almost. I may get over this fear at some point, though, and investigate. I was never aware schools ever required this kind of service work to progress with their education. It's interesting, and not at all negative, but I still find it somewhat odd if required rather than it being optional.

    I think I'd enjoy the quiet mornings of chicken watching and commentary. Almost like when watching a movie on mute and making up your own voice overs.

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

    1. No photos of the water fight. I decided that day to simply enjoy and not run around with a camera.

      Too embarrassed to walk into a dollar store? Interesting...

      It makes me smile when you say you have to look into whether your area has half-day preschool. Um, you don't have kids, and by the time you do, if you do, the law will probably change. :)

      The bikes are much loved, yes.

      Ha! The direction your brain goes sometimes... :)

      My kids attend Catholic school, and service is a big part of being Catholic. (in theory. Not all Catholics volunteer, unfortunately.) In public schools, it is only the national honor society that requires service as far as I know.

      It is very much like watching a movie on mute. (Although I've never done that.)


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