Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Morning! We'll Work on the Good Part.

I do believe Turken is now living with only one lung.

He coughed the other one up at approximately 5:38:17am.

He was in the throws of a record-breaking coughing fit, cuddled up on my lap, when I heard the tell-tale mucus-caught-in-the-throat-induced vomit-cough. 

In his sleepy, weak state, he whispered to me:

"It's OK, I caught it."

He caught his vomit/lung in his mouth and swallowed it.

So I wouldn't get sprayed.

Sweet, disgusting boy.

Fortunately, the combination of eating a clementine, standing outside to breathe in the cold air, and some nose-blowing (but probably is was just time passing) got him through it, and we were both able to go back to bed in peace.

For about 3 minutes.

By the time I got to bed, Hubby was up and getting ready for work.

He kissed me good-bye and headed out.

Three minutes later, I heard the front door open and close.  Stomping up the stairs came next.  And then the foulest language I have ever heard.

See, our driveway is still covered in snow.  We've had two more accumulating snow days since "the big one", so while we can get in and out, it isn't as easy as just driving down the drive. 

Mostly because the entire circle wasn't plowed, we have to back down the .35 mile drive.

I inherited some serious rock star ability to drive in reverse from my mom.  The driveway is no trouble for me.

Unfortunately, Hubby's mom, and thus Hubby, do not have these skills.

When I heard the stomping and the cussing,  I immediately knew what had happened.

While backing out, Hubby went off the driveway and got stuck on the little hill in a major snow drift.

So, at approximately 6:27:39am I donned two pairs of pants, boots, fluffy coat, hat, and gloves to get the blasted car out of the snowbank.

While dealing with a 41 year old having a major temper tantrum.

Brilliant start to the day.

It is in situations like these that the differences in Hubby and I become glaringly apparent.  We really are the yin and yang (I have no idea if that's how those words are spelled, but you get my drift. (no pun intended (really, I didn't realize the pun until after I typed it.)))

Got a little off track with all of the parentheses counting.  Sorry.

In the middle of problem situations, Hubby has a tendency to get frustrated and overwhelmed rather quickly.  I play the part of optimistic cheerleader, which either helps him or annoys the crap out of him.  Either way, it gets him to quiet down a bit so I can think.

So this morning, as we drug the shovels and some wood planks down to the car, he was cussing and talking about calling a tow truck in.  I was saying, "Let's just try it.  A tow truck will take forever to get here, and then you'll really be late for work."

We then played a fun game of shovel, shove boards under the tires, drive a tiny bit, rock backwards, and start again.  Over and over.  What made it really fun were the punctuating comments of, "This is never going to work," and "We're only making it worse" and "We need a tow truck." 

I didn't let him get too down, though, with my comebacks of, "Look, we are 5 inches better off than we were before!" and "If we just do this..." and "Shut up and call the tow truck if you want!"

Of course, he never called the tow truck.  Not because he trusted me, but because the phone was all the way up at the house.

So, slowly but surely, we made progress.

And then, glory days, I managed to plow up the hill in reverse and get back on the driveway. 


He then asked me to get the car to the end of the driveway.

So I dd.

Only then did I realize that I then had to make the .35 mile walk back up the drive in the dark.


Finally, at approximately 7:16:42, Hubby left for work while I sat and ate a bowl of Raisin Bran.

While I ate, I contemplated my morning.  I came up with three items of note.

1.  Once again, my husband better be thanking his lucky stars that he snagged me when he had the chance.

2.  I will never again complain about being awoken by an alarm clock. 

3.  I'm going to need a nap.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Enjoy your nap. Love the parentheses. Hope your Hubby reads the blog on his lunch break and stops to get you flowers or send a nice email or something ;)

    1. I was thinking of you whilst counting.
      As much as I make fun of him, he really is a sweet, thoughtful man. He'll get the flowers without even reading.

  2. Happy New Year! This is just one of the reasons we left western Canada (and it's snow) to return to the UK (and its incessant rain!) The latter is easier to get through, except that just recently, we're all doing a pretty good immitation of Noah and his Ark! Hope hubby wasn't too late for work, that Turken is feeling better and that you did manage to get a nap before the rest of the household woke up!

    Chin up, as they say - Isobel from

    1. Our goal is to be able to be snow birds when he retires. I want out of this snow, but I don't want anything to do with the south in the summer time, either.
      Huh, I didn't know the UK didn't get much snow. Guess I never thought about it. Are you sewing up animals two by two? :)
      Thanks for the well wishes. The first two are good, but no nap yet.

  3. You are my hero for a couple of reasons: 1. I have no reverse driving skills. NONE! Honestly, neighborhood children run when they see my car in reverse; 2. you actually know how to get a car out of a ditch???? DANG, you got mad skills girl, mad!!!!!!

    1. Now I need to come up with my super hero name. :)
      I didn't even know driving in reverse was a skill people struggled with until I married my husband. I used to be a little annoyed with people, thinking "How hard is it to look in the side mirrors when you drive?" Now I know, it's hard.
      And I only know how to get out of ditches because I've had to help people (not just my husband) do it so often.

  4. Well done! Most women would've cried and stomped back inside.

    1. You mean like my husband did? :) (Kidding Honey!)

  5. Does it make it any better to know that the account of your morning is told in such a way that it makes me laugh? I hope that humor is what you're going for--if not, kindly disregard my comment. In any case, I hope your morning turns into a good afternoon!

    1. I am always happy if someone laughs, even if I didn't mean for her to. Laugh away!
      And the afternoon is turning out to be lovely, thank you.

  6. None of this surprises me in the least. He's one lucky man.

  7. Ah, thank you for the reminder of how nice it is to live in Florida. ;-)

    1. You're welcome. Now, return the favor come summertime and you are roasting, covered in bugs.

  8. But on the plus side, anything you eat for the rest of the day can be considered guilt free, because you've already walked half a mile (close enough) through the snow uphill (I assume)!

    1. Hahaha! It is uphill and covered in snow/ice!

  9. hahahahahahaha! dying laughing over here!!!!! This is great.ness! You wrote it so freakin' perfect too. I love that he was flying off the handle, cussing, while you were rocking the car back and forth on a wood plank! I could picture the whole thing. It's ALWAYS ALWAYS me flying off the handle, and my husband fixes stuff....but now it doesn't matter CUZ HE ROTTED THE BACK OF THE HOUSE OFF!!! Mwahahahaha! :) thanks so much for sharing this with me, Christine!


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