Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh, Boys

Our boys love this time of year.  You'll never guess why, though.
It's not because we always get a ginormous bowl of chocolate dessert that lasts an entire week.

It's not because the pile of presents under the tree grows by the day.
It's not because they get to sleep in and stay in their PJ's all the live-long day.

No, it is because we move the dining room table.

We move it for the Christmas party, to make room for the guests and create a buffet.  But the boys see it as their chance for a two-week long Wrestlemania.

It's a wide-open, carpeted space for them to pile, tackle, climb, and just go crazy.

Someone will try to escape

but he is always brought back into the fold.

They wrestle so much that even the little ones know the first rule of wrestling.

The oldest's glasses must be put up before any wrestling can begin.

It is inevitable.  Someone will get hurt.

But a quick kiss from Mom and he's back in the game.

No one can tell me that there is little difference between boys and girls.

When have you ever seen a group of sisters act like this?

During these cold, rainy days, we are happy to have an outlet for all of that boyness. 

And we all feel a bit sad on the day that the table has to go back to the middle of the room.

Have a lovely, energy-filled day!

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  1. What a house of fun! I always wanted a house full of boys like that but since I only got one he has to be content to wrestle with the dogs!Thanks for visiting me!


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