Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Blessed

Today I am following in He Sows, She Sows footsteps and reminding myself of the many ways I am blessed.  You can see her list here.  As for me...

On Friday I was able to have breakfast with a dear friend.  We usually only get to see each other for a quick hug after church, but since I was driving the kids to school on Friday, we made a date.  She is an inspiring Christian woman, and we both left feeling inspired and refuvinated.  I am blessed to have many good friends who have become family to us.

This weekend was the annual shopping trip with my mom and sister.  I am so grateful to have this time with her, as she managed to live through both a complete blockage in her heart as well as cervical cancer, all in the last two years.  I am also grateful for my husband, who encourages me to take the time away to be with my mom.

My Lupus has been taking a break, and I am so glad to be able to do all of the activities I love to do.  I'm even grateful that I can clean my house without getting too tired or feeling too much pain.

I am grateful for the warm weather.  I get cold so very easily, and this warm weather in November thrills me to no end.

I am thankful for a washing machine to clean all of the clothes and sheets that were vomited on over the weekend.  And I am so happy that the two little ones are feeling much better today.

I know there is more, but one of those little ones is waking up.  I'm grateful for the hour and a half of peace I got!

Have a lovely, blessings-filled day!

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