Thursday, January 13, 2011

Odd injuries

I do believe every family has one.  That one person who is always the one to get hurt.  You may call him a klutz, accident-prone, or clumsy.  We just look at ours and say, "Huh?"  He has been like this for his entire life.  Sitting at dinner, he will simply disappear, having fallen from his chair for no reason.  He has three scars across his forhead from odd mishaps, including one monster scar from the 16 stitches he received after falling off of a swing and landing on the one rock in proximity.  We thought we were immune to it, but this week he managed t osurprise us again.  He was simply walking up the steps to go to his room.  Granted, they are a peril to anyone coming down them in socks.  He was going up.  He tripped, and was crying rather hard.  Husband checks on him, sits him on the couch and declares that he will be fine.  Thirty seconds later, my dear boy comes in with blood all over his hands and simply states, "I'm bleeding."  He was not fine.  He managed to cut open the inside upper fold of  his ear.  He had a gash that almost went through his ear.  Blood was everywhere, and it took forever to stop.  It would have been big enough for stitches, if you could actually stitch in such a place.  I applied some liquid Band-Aid, gave him some ice, and cuddled for a bit.  It already started to bruise.  The next morning, there was dried blood all through the fold of his ear.  I had to clean it all out, which made him holler, the poor guy.  It is bruised and swollen and terribly scabbed.  When he got home from school, I asked if anyone noticed it.  He said three kids did, and only one was totally grossed out.  He's hoping it gets better before gym day.  Him and me both.