Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The dreaded bat

photo thanks to about-bats.com

We were simply putting the children to bed, reading books and brushing teeth.  I hear a child yell from the hallway that something just flew through, and call for Husband to see what the child is talking about.  With a pale face, Husband informs me that we have a bat in the house.  Huh.
Since I was reading to the kids, I told him to just go get something to catch it.  I'd help him if he needed it when I was done.  He braved his way through the house, and came back with a blanket and a tennis racquet.  I laughed, wondering what he was going to do with them, but by this time, the bat had gone into hiding.  We put the kids to bed (with doors closed so the bat couldn't get in) and prayed that it found its way out.  No such luck.
As I was getting my PJs out of the drawer, a shadow went over me.  I looked up to find the bat circling around the room.  I yell for Husband, telling him that I found the beast.  He crawled into the room with the blanket draped over him and handed the racquet to me.  After 11 years of marriage, preceded by 7 years of dating, you would think that I would know that he was scared to death of bats.  It really would have been helpful to know this before we moved to a house surrounded by bats.  Alas, I took one look at Husband and realized I was going to have to take care of this.
The bat was doing lazy laps of our room.  Down the hall, back to circle our room, down the hall, back to circle our room.  Luckily, one of the windows in our room doesn't have a screen in it.  I opened the window and waited for the right moment.  It was time for all of those tennis lessons back when I was 10 to pay off.  Down the hall, back to circle the room, down the hall, back to circle our SWISH BAM!  I served that bat
right out into the clear night sky.  No one is more surprised than me that this plan worked.
Over the past five years we've had four other bats and one bird get into the house.  Apparantly Husband is afraid of anything that flies.  He has tried, though, to conquer his fear.  He will still hide under the blanket, but he will also wield his own racquet and flail around blindly to maybe get lucky and at least stun the bat.  After almost being hit in the head by his flying racquet, we came up with a deal.  I will take care of the bats. His job is to take care of the influx of mice every harvest.  Oh, I hate mice.