Friday, November 15, 2013

Needing Some Input from My Homies - 7QT

I am using this week's quick takes to get some ideas from you, my BFFs in commenting.  I am sitting on the fence on a few issues, and I could use some help deciding which way to fall.  Also, I need some ideas for dealing with my children.  Don't worry.  This isn't a test.  You will not be graded, but I do want you to number your paper from one to seven, plus one bonus.

**************** 1 *************

Would you go here for your next haircut?


I'm thinking I'll go.  If they give me another curly mullet, we'll have our answer.


*************** 2 **************

Our family meal times are basically run by the children.  Somehow, as the kids grew, COW and I lost control.  Instead of lovely conversations, where everyone takes turns listening and tactfully voicing his thought-out opinion, we have renditions of "What Does the Fox Say" mixed with random and unnecessary shouts, hollers, pounding, and trash talk.  They aren't fighting or arguing, they're just loud and boisterous and loud and hyper and loud.

COW and I just sit there, wracking our brains for something, anything, to say to make them stop.  The only things that ever make it out of our mouths, though, are occasional yells to "Put your chair back down!" and "We don't discuss that at the table!" and "For crying out loud, you have a napkin!"  By 6:30, our brains are fried, and we just can't think with all of that noise.  We've tried to come up with things beforehand.  Unfortunately, I have been unable to come up with anything, and COW can't come up with anything besides football.  Football is what the boys usually bring up on their own to get the rowdy party started.

So help us.  Give us some ideas of things to discuss/do during dinner.  A game.  A topic.  I don't care.  Just make the loud stop.

(PS.  We've tried the "quiet" game.  It lasts for all of 13 seconds, thanks to Cuckoo.)

***************** 3 ****************

I can't remember who introduced Jimmy Fallon's Water Wars to us (If it is you, let me know!), but we have been watching all of them.

As I've said before, War is Cuckoo's favorite game.  We play epic battles every single day.  When he caught a glimpse of this, his eyes lit up and his heart started beating faster.  He wants to play Water Wars.  Desperately. 

If only we had seen this in the summer.  I'd be all over this game if it was 95 degrees and we can water the lawn while we play.  However, we are in the middle of November, with temperatures hovering around shivering.  Ain't no way we're playing this game outside. 

How can we play this in the house without ruining everything in it?  Keep in mind, we only have one, itty bitty bath tub.

***************** 4 ****************

Fake flowers as landscaping.  Green thumbs up or down?

***************** 5 ************

 I frequently see bloggers who say, "People continue to ask me..." Sometimes, they have so many "common questions people ask", they just do FAQs pages.  I have only had one person ask me a question.  Jen asked me, "is fat back the same as pork belly?"  I couldn't even answer it, so I'm coming to you.

Anyone?  Anyone?

***************** 6 ***************

Was the person who did this...

new, drunk, or texting while painting?

Related question:  Does the guy still have a job?

****************** 7 *************

Mom has given up or is simply too busy to turn the kid's coat right-side out?

Oh, wait.  I know the answer to that one.

 The kid has a reversible coat.  This is not it.  He doesn't know that.  Mom doesn't care.

************* Bonus question ***************

Does using the word "homies" in the title make me sound cool and less redneck?

Now, get to answering.

Have a lovely day!


  1. 1. Oh, why not?
    2. Though "Don't Eat Bugs" is our #1 family rule, "No singing at the table" is a close second. "4 on the floor" (all chair legs down) is a third. As for topics, "If you could have any superpower, what would it be?" was a recurring discussion at our house. Not my brainchild, but it seemed to keep people--especially John--occupied for long stretches of time.
    3.Sit on puppy pee pads, and just plan on mopping afterwards. Or use spray bottles or squirt guns instead of glasses of water.
    4. Generally down, but I suppose a splash of color is a splash of color.
    5. No clue.
    6. Maybe, I hope not, that sounds like a reasonable explanation, and probably.
    7. Good answer.
    Bonus: Cool to the gangstas.

    1. Hahaha!! I had forgotten about the "Don't Eat Bugs" rule! Thanks for the reminder. :) I shall try the superpower at our next meal. Thanks!

      You said gangstas. That makes me smile. :)

  2. I am still laughing at the haircut sign. Although I personally would not go there, I would sacrifice my kids just for the experience. Yea, I'm vain like that! Oh and when I use the word "homies" my hip 30 year old friend makes fun of me, but I don't care 'cause I think it makes me sound cool, so go with it girl!!!!

    1. Isn't that funny? Perhaps Buttercup will give it a try. :)

      Well, if you use it, it must be cool. 30 year olds don't know anything.

    2. *AHEM*!!!! Come over here and let me clobber you for that!

      G'wan then, O Fount Of All Wisdom - EDUMACATE ME! :p

  3. Not going to take time to comment on all of them, but for #2...there was a time we had everyone go around the table and share their HI and LOW for the day (granted we only had 2 children but sometimes 3 if we had an exchange student at the time) and a big thumbs down on #4!

    Sorry I can give no hair salon advice for the Indy area. I've been going to the same hairstylist since I was in college 25+ years now. She's moved to different salons a couple times and I just moved with her. Now she owns a salon.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. We will be using it!

      Wow. How fortunate you are. There have been two people who have cut my hair to perfection, but they both moved to new salons before I could get back for a second cut.

  4. You had to know I would Google this for you:
    Pork belly is a boneless cut of fatty meat from the belly of a pig.
    Fatback is a cut of the layer of subcutaneous fat under the skin of the back, with or without the skin.
    So...I do not believe they are one and the same, based on these definitions.

    That wore me out...I can't possibly be expected to answer the rest of these...

    1. Thank you, Darling!!

      Well, you are 40...That happens.

    2. I KNEW I should have contacted Mrs Random!!! How do I forget that she has the answer??? Even in her "mature" years, she was able to find the answer. And thanks for the information, I will pass it on to my friend who was curious because there is absolutely no way I'd ever eat either Pork Belly or Fatback! seriously even being from the south I have my limits!

  5. 1, I wouldn't go there for a haircut.
    2. I;d have a conversation about you and hubby splitting up because dinner is so out of control and loud and the two of you are going to part ways for some peace and quiet. I'll bet that shuts them up.
    3. Get a cheap pool for outside then go for it.
    4. Thumbs down on the artificial stuff.
    5. Someone has already researched and answered this question. Thank you.
    6. He was probably not paying attention while texting. He's still got his job as his union protected him.
    7. Great answer. I wouldn't care either.
    Bonus: I agree with the gangster assessment.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

    1. 2. Ha! You sound like my dad! He used to threaten us, not with divorce, but with sending us off to an orphanage.
      3. Great idea!
      6. I thought the same thing.
      7. You mean gangsta? :)

  6. 1. NO WAY
    2. Give prizes for whoever doesn't talk the whole meal. Or throw mashed potatoes whenever someone does something disruptive.
    3. Baby pool over a tarp in the basement?
    4. Thumbs down.
    5. NO-
    6. He fell asleep and was fired.
    7. Laundry day
    Bonus: You're cool, homie!

    Fun post :)

    1. 2. I am totally going for part B.
      3. Excellent idea, minus the basement. The basement is a scary place.
      5. Thank you!
      7. Ha!


  7. 1. No. But because their sign has bad grammar, not because of anything particularly haircutty.
    2. Get them playing "Would you rather..." which is HILARIOUS and totally only suitable for dinner AT HOME! You pick a person, give them two TERRIBLE options, and wait for the hilarity of their justification e.g. "Would you rather be pecked to death by chickens or sat on by one of the pigs...?"
    3. Suck it up and do it ONCE with glitter. And call it 'decorating for Christmas'
    4. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! No way!
    5.No. Cos belly's on the underneath and back is...well. On the back. Duh! Did you never roll a pig over to see which side its label was on? That's the BACK, dude!
    6. I reckon he was dancing while he should've been paying attention. And he's on a disciplinary.
    7. Mom didn't notice, and then she thought it was 'totes hiLARE' so she left it. And photographed it. And still thinks it's kinda funny :D
    8. Makes you sound ghetto. Which is basically urban redneck. So no.

    I want a check, in red pen. And a smilie face. And a sticker.

    1. 1. Ha! I didn't read it as bad grammar but from the old song. You probably aren't old enough to know it. There is a line in it that says..."U-G-L-Y You ain't got no alibi. You ugly!" It made me laugh.
      2. We know that game! I like your suggestion for a would you rather, too. I shall start off with it when we play.
      3. Nice try with the glitter. I will not fall for that. I'd rather have water.
      4. Do folks not do that in England? It is a rare thing in the US, but I do know several houses that use fake flowers all year.
      5. Hahahaha!
      6. You "reckon"? You sound like you've been in Georgia.
      7. How'd you know? Except I did notice at the house.
      8. Well, that's not exactly what I was going for. :)

      THAT is a funny closing comment!

    2. 1. It was the lack of Oxford comma before 'Cindy Lou'. I didn't need to know the old-fart song before I knew the grammar was terrible. I KNOW STUFF!
      3. Damnit. And DOUBLE Damnit because that made me remember I forgot a thing. Oh well. Que sera sera.
      4. Er NO because it's WEIRD!
      6. Georgia's near Russia, right? I reckon you might've gotten this a bit back-to-front. I don't know any Russians who say they reckon anything - they tend to Vodka stuff, instead.
      7. But ya left it anyway, thinking it was funny. I'd do the exact same.
      8. Bad luck, old chap!

      Where's my sticker?

  8. Homie sounds rap.. Is rap cool? Not sure..

    I don't know if I'd go to the hair dresser, they can't do grammar, and somehow that' important to me. I'm looking forward to havign a hair appointment sometime after Feb. 25!!!

    Reversible coat that is none is great!! ;-)

    1. Oh no. I don't want to sound rap. Bye-bye homie.

      So funny that you and Lizzi read that sign so differently than I did. The song immediately came to my mind. Ha! Only 3 months to go! :)

      It certainly made me smile.

    2. THANK YOU STEPHANIE! See....we got grammar skillz!

      Christine, if you want to sound gangsta, run this through It turns you into this - "I am usin dis weekz quick takes ta git some scams from you, mah BFFs up in commenting. I be chillin on tha fence on a few issues, n' I could use some help decidin which way ta fall. Also, I need some scams fo' dealin wit mah lil' thugs. Don't worry. This aint a test. Yo ass aint gonna be graded yo, but I do want you ta number yo' paper from one ta seven, plus one bonus."

      Now THAT'S gangsta...

  9. Water War...gonna have to check that one out!
    I have no advice for how to turn the volume down with boys. If you hear any good advice, please pass it along!

    1. Be careful. Your boys will want to do it as soon as they see it.

      Darn. I was counting on you. I'll let you know if anything works.

  10. 1. I dunno...that's a risky one. I think they're trying to compensate for the fact that they can't cut hair at all and blame it on the customer being ugly. But really, it's about their lack of skill at hair-cuttery. And spelling.
    2. No idea. Our table sounds EXACTLY like that, too. And all we have is one small five year old girl. If you figure it out, pass the answer along, please.
    3. I'm with the glitter vote - do it indoors with confetti. Why the heck not. Of course, if you have to vacuum something up anyway, try baking soda or carpet cleaner. Could be potentially harmful for the players involved, but you'll have sweet-smelling carpets!
    4. Um, plastic flowers never.
    5. I have no idea. But I like Lizzi's answer...bwahahaaa!
    6. A large spider suddenly appeared in the cab of the paint truck.
    7. Some debates you simply cannot win. Inside out it is. If anyone asks, you can always say something like "You know, the mother of this child is a little off. I can't imagine why she would let the child go out in public like that but if you try to fix his coat she just starts screaming "What does the fox say?" at the top of her lungs. I just take him for a few hours every week to get him some fresh air while she has her meds adjusted."

    1. 1. I'm thinking making Buttercup going first is the solution. "Cause I'm now really wanting to at least meet the woman.
      2. Blast. I'll let you know if anything works.
      3. Ack! Confetti is horrible! I'd rather do water. It at least dries.
      5. She cracks me up, too.
      6. Ha! I never thought of that scenario!
      7. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! Great idea!

  11. 1. Um - no. I think you'll get chopped up.
    2. Um - No help
    3. Um...
    4. I don't have a green thumb - but would never put fake flowers outside unless it was in cemeteray
    5. Um?
    6. Really dude?/ I hope not.
    7. LOL - less redneck. Not sure anyone says homies anymore. Try peeps next time.

    1. 1. But I want to meet her. I need an excuse.
      2. Shoot.
      6. I really wish I could get the real answer on this one.
      7. Got it. I shall give peeps a try next time. :)

    2. Actually saw my cousin use homie on Facebook this morning. He's pretty hip - so I guess it's still in. But he's also only 4 years younger than me. So there's that.

    3. Thank you for coming back to let me know. I don't think I care how old he is. I'm not the only one using it! :)

  12. Dang I messed up my numbering. Anyway - too much trouble to take the coat off - leave it ;-)

    1. I mess up on numbering all the time. We do not go around looking for trouble, that's for darn sure.

  13. 1 I don't even know what to say but I guess if they can't make you look good than you are just ugly?
    2 we bought a little dinner table question game and used that, but our conversations are more, pass the milk, can someone hand me a towel to clean up the milk, can someone go to the fridge to get milk, clothes are not napkins, and I don't care if you eat cereal just stop crying…
    3 sounds like FUN
    4 if the plastic flowers would not have gotten tadpoles dumped on them then maybe next year I will go with plastic… There are a few houses near me that do it but they are in a retirement village :-)
    5 thanks for the help, feeling a little nauseous at the thought of eating either of those choices. But now i know!
    6 wow nice paint job hope their next job is NOT ear piercing or tattooing
    7 cute kid, jacket on, what more can you ask for???
    bouns naw it makes you sound like a redneck gangsta

    1. 1. Yup. Seems to be the case.
      2. Ha! Sounds so familiar.
      3. I know!
      4. Ha! Or perhaps the tadpoles would have intentionally been dumped on them, because people seem to think outdoor fake flowers are dumb. And yes, I do believe it is a practice limited to the older generation.
      5. Yes, since you shun bacon, I imagine you'd have trouble eating either.
      6. You are on a roll today! :)
      7. Nothing at all, I say!

  14. Wow...wish I read this before I sent you the "What do Farmer's Say?" video. Or not?!?! Coincidence??? Or pure genius??? ;P

    Since I'm late getting here I am not reading all the comments today as I have LOTS of reading to catch up on. Wah...I know.

    Had never seen the Water Wars before. Good thing as I would definitely be in for that! On a sunny, summer's day of course. :)

    Fake flowers? Ummmmm....yea!!! That's all I have. OK...I lied. I have perennials but if they don't survive...they don't get replaced. Artificials are the way to go when you live in shade and get bored easily. Come May...voila! Instant flowers. :D

    The road lines....baahaahaa!

    Cuckoo could get away with wearing AN-Y-THING he's so stinking cute!!!

  15. 1. You think I avoided chemo and subsequent hair loss just to risk it all there? Not happening.
    2. My father in law is a funeral director. You can only imagine the conversations that sometimes happen over the family dinner table.
    3. Get a room at a hotel with an indoor pool. Do it poolside.
    4. If you want your front yard to look like a memorial park (See #2)
    5. Fortunately, Kris looked it up for the definitive answer, but I was going to go with one is from the belly, one from the back for rather obvious reasons.
    6. Maybe he sneezed.
    7. I have a preschooler who wears his upside down sometimes.
    Bonus: you're still a white girl.


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