Sunday, June 21, 2015

Answer Me This: Dads Edition

Yesterday I asked Bryan what he wanted to do for Father's Day. He replied, "Well, unlike Mother's Day, Father's Day is about being with your kids, so I guess something with the kids".

Funny man.

He'll be going to see Jurassic World with the older boys, because it's the first movie in a long while that he really wants to see.

While I..who knows.

To celebrate the day Kendra came up with questions all about dads, so I'm joining in, since I didn't get my dad or Bryan a gift. :)

What is the best thing about your dad?

He loves his family, and he shows it.

Dad ('cause I know he's reading this), I noticed that you never missed a weekend or evening to have us after the divorce. I noticed that you were at every special occasion. I remember that you got up early to make my breakfast and pack my lunch the year I moved in with you, even though I was a junior in high school and was perfectly capable of doing it myself. I remember driving to my college visit while listening to the Oldies station. I will forever cherish the hours and hours we've spent around the card table, laughing our full heads off. By watching you take care of Grandma, visiting her every day and doing what she asks, even when you think she's off her rocker, I've learned how to love you and Mom as you get older. I do things with my kids that we did with you, like take pictures on the stairs every Christmas and Easter and stop at battlefields to learn a bit of history. (Although, I don't ask endless questions of the tour guide just to embarrass them.) I see your perpetual smile when you are surrounded by your kids and grandkids, and I know that you love us with every fiber of your being. Thank you.

My dad with my brothers and me, 1981

 If you have kids, what is the best thing about THEIR dad?

During Bryan's early days as an attorney, he would regularly get called in with a partner to talk about his hours. They weren't happy that he was gone by 5:30 every day and that he didn't come in on Saturdays. He basically told them to stuff it. He got his hours in and wasn't going to spend more time away from his kids than necessary.

When Bryan gets home, he brings the silly with him. He does things with the kids I wouldn't think to do (or even would do if I thought of it). He's the one who plans every single vacation. He's the one who came up with the idea for special trips for the kids. He's the one who acts silly and makes silly jokes and even throws in a silly dance every once in a while (though those are getting more rare now that we're getting older). Basically, he makes the kids a priority, and when he's with them he makes it fun.

Bryan with Phoenix, Star, and Giant

What's the best advice your dad ever gave you?

I don't remember specific advice. He wasn't/isn't much of an advice giver. One thing I have taken into adulthood with me, though, is his opinion of being on time. Ten minutes early is early, five minutes early is on time, and on time is late.

What's something you have in common with your dad?

Dad and I are very much tied to our families, both those who are alive and those who have gone before. We love gatherings with all of my siblings, their kids, aunts and uncles, and anyone else we can convince to come. Some of my favorite times with my dad are the drives around our hometown. He'll just drive and tell me story after story of our family, with stories of other people sprinkled in. (As a policeman, he knows a lot of stories.) Canton is where my great-grandma, my grandma, my dad, and I were born. There is a lot of history there, and I love that my dad likes to share it with me.

What is the manliest thing you know how to do?

Well, besides wrangling pigs, I'm going to have to go with getting a vehicle out of the snow/a ditch/the mud. I've even managed to get a septic truck (that had just emptied our septic tank) out of the mud in our driveway. I'm going to have to say right here, though, that while these are considered "manly" things to do, neither my husband nor the septic tank guy have proven that they can do such a thing.

Who is your favorite fictional dad?

First thing that comes to my mind is Tom Bradford. I wanted to be on Eight Is Enough so badly when I was a kid.

My dad was an undercover narcotics agent when I was a baby. When I was a tween/teen, he was in charge of the narcotics department for the county. If you want to read more about it, you can read Secret Agent. I wrote it a while ago.

To the few fathers who read this blog, Happy Father's Day!

To the rest of you, have a lovely day making fathers feel special.


  1. My dad has never been one to offer unsolicited advice, either. He's always there to help when I have questions, but he just never handed out much without my asking.

    1. Funny, now that you mention it, I don't really ask my dad (or mom for that matter) for advice. Every once in a while I will ask a homeowner question, but that's about it.

  2. What a great tribute to your father and to your husband too. You both are amazing parents. That rocks.

    Happy Fathers day to all the special dads in your life. ☺

  3. Oh my goodness....your brother's suit (on the left)... so much awesomeness (yes that's a word)!! I always wanted to be on Eight is Enough too! :D

    1. Hahaha! It is one of the many interesting suits and other articles of clothing our parents inflicted on us.

  4. What a great tribute!

    I had to chuckle regarding the comment on being early. That describes my husband's sentiments also. : )

    1. Thank you!

      And now I must ask...What are your sentiments when it comes to being early? :)

  5. Beautiful Christine:)
    I look forward to reading Secret Agent!

  6. I can see what you have learned from your father, who is clearly a wonderful person.

    1. He is a wonderful, caring person. I have learned a lot about taking care of people from him.

  7. OK, so we'll move septic truck driver into the "Mom jobs" category! :-)

    1. Ha! I'd rather not, but if the truck fits...

  8. OK, so we'll move septic truck driver into the "Mom jobs" category! :-)

  9. Yes! On time is late!! Better an hour early than five minutes late!


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