Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I Never Meant for This to Be a Travel Blog (aka Wordless (As I'm Going to Get) Wednesday)...

So, about a month ago Bryan called from work and asked if I wanted to go to the Bahamas.

I himmed and hawwed for about .000005 seconds before screaming, "Heck ya!"

An opportunity came up and the price was just too good to pass up.  So, despite the fact we had already called on my mom to watch the kids for over a week earlier in the year while we were in Europe, I begged my mom to drop everything she was doing and come watch my kids again.

She agreed, as long as I made dinners for her to serve to the kids ahead of time, got rides for the kids as much as possible, and basically make it as easy as possible for her.

I himmed and hawwed for about .00000000003 seconds before agreeing to her terms and conditions.

This past Friday morning, we kissed the children and headed out the door before they even had their breakfast.

I'll let the photos do most of the talking.

(All photos (except one) taken with my phone and without a filter.  I did nothing but crop them a bit.)

There aren't any terminals in the Bahamas.  You have to hoof it from the plane to the building.  The arrow is pointing to a couple who became our favorite traveling buddies.  We ate dinner with them every night, laughing the entire way through.

One and only selfie

Funny how much more pleasant it is to get up early to watch the sun rise directly across from our balcony than it is to get up early to get 5 kids ready for school. 

Our balcony is far left, second from top.

Christmas concert and tree lighting in Port Lucaya.  

A foot photo is required at the beach, is it not?

We had a lot of these.
To burn off those drinks, Bryan and I went kayaking each morning.  Our new friends happened to see us from the beach both days, and took our photo the second day. 

View from our room. We kayaked around that farthest bend and kept on going.

Sunset on our last night.
Last photo before heading to the airport Monday morning.  I may have been crying.

I promise, that was my last trip for a long, long time.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled horrible weather.

Have a lovely day!


  1. How fun. Too bad you couldn't stay a couple of weeks. Looks like great weather. Yes, you have to have a your feet in a picture if you're at the beach. You also need a pedicure if you're going on a cruise. There are rules.

    I'm so happy you have a great time. ☺

    1. We were looking for another day at least. :) It was great weather. Although, unless a hurricane blows through, I don't think they ever have a full day of bad weather.
      I will keep the pedicure rule in mind.

      Thanks. We had a blast.

  2. Oh, I wondered what was going on! What fun for you guys!

  3. *heavy sigh* Look at that blue, blue sky and that gorgeous water and those yummy drinks and wait a minute....how did you have time to get your toe nails done????? ;)

    Looks like you guys had a fabulous time!!! Right on.

    1. I painted my toes the day before we left. Notice that I didn't do a close-up. :)

      We had a marvelous time.

  4. Tears...puddles....of bitter sadness that I wasn't there WITH YOU!!!! lol

    *Pulls self back together*

    I am SO happy that you got to take a beautiful vacation together!! What a perfect Christmas gift and reprieve from the madness of the season!

    *Sulks back in chair and begins sobbing again*


    1. Ha! I'm sorry. I almost didn't post this, 'cause it kinda felt braggy. But, the blog is supposed to be a journal for my kids when they're grown, so in it goes.

      It was a wonderful break. I'll be looking back at these photos come February and I've had enough of winter. Must remember the sun and warmth.

  5. Beautiful! The one with the wave crashing by Bryan was especially nice.

  6. How lovely that you got to take a vacation together just before Christmas. And that view from your room is just WOW!!!

    1. We were very fortunate to be able to take the trip, especially since we are smack in the middle of a busy time of year. Of course, when isn't it busy?

      The view was fantastic. We spent a lot of time up on that balcony.

  7. Ohhhhhh boy oh BOY! I have been stalking your instagram and LOVING all the pics of the blue sky and the sun and the glorious sea and the gorgeous beach, and I'm so HAPPY you got to go where it was warm and wonderful and perfectly just-the-two-of-you :)

    BRILLIANT! And *hi-fives* to your mom for coming through on the looking after the brood front.

    Your selfie made me immediately smile back. You look so SO happy :)

  8. awesome photos I nice break for both of you- you both looked so relaxed - :)

  9. What a very lovely "opportunity"! Looks like your weather was fabulous. The pics are fantastic Christine! Makes me a little jealous:)
    Glad you have this experience to carry you through at least some part of this winter lol....just close your eyes and pretend......


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