Saturday, March 30, 2013

Consider the Gauntlet Taken (Up)

A conversation in my brain:

Right side: There's been some talk about something called an A to Z challenge.  I think we should do it.

Left side:  What does it entail?

RS:  Throughout the month of April, bloggers post every day except Sundays about a topic starting with that day's letter.

LS:  You mean we would be obligated to post something every single day?

RS:  Nope.  We get Sundays off.

LS:  Um, no.  We already have innumerable daily challenges go awry.  We are challenged to get the kids to school on time, and we've rarely done that for poor Turken.  We have a daily challenge to put dinner on the table, and after 14 years, we still aren't very good at it.  Actually, can you think of a single daily challenge we already have at which we are successful?

RS:  Showering.  I am clean on a daily basis.

LS:  And what happens when you get to the tough letters?  We teach the alphabet to preschoolers and play endless games of Scrabble with the boys.  You know as well as I do there are few good words which start with J, X, or Q.  What are you going to do then?

RS:  I will bisect that overpass when I attain it.

LS:  That made no sense.

RS:  There is nothing in the rules that says I have to use the word correctly.  I just have to use a word that starts with the letter of the day.  The dictionary and thesaurus will be my new best friends.  Don't worry, I'll be sure to keep the thesaurus away from the children.

LS:  I vote no.

RS:  I vote yes.

LS:  You are an idiot.

RS:  I am simply trying to get our creative juices flowing and entertain the masses.

LS:  The masses?

RS:  67 followers and untold family and stalkers.

LS:  You mentioned rules.

RS:  Yes, I'm a touch afraid that I will miss one and be soup-nazied from the whole thing. 

LS:  We can get kicked out?

RS:  I'm sure that won't happen, seeing as how I'm not a spammer or advertisement.  Surely, if 1500 other people can do this, I can, too.

LS:  1500 people?

RS:  Yup, we're #1517.

LS:  I still vote no.

RS:  Too bad.  We're doing it.  It starts Monday with the letter A.  Get your thinkin' cap on.



  1. Hahaha, I'm glad I'm not the only person whose right and left sides of the brain argue! Good luck with the challenge :)

  2. So you got sucked in too? This is going to be interesting, and I agree with you, the X,Z and Q days are going to suck!

    1. Yay! Someone else I know! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  3. You have 6 kids and you manage to take a shower every day???? I bow down to the master!!!!! I only got 2 kids and I go stinky A LOT!!!! Oh yeah, and you can forget about dinner on the table every night. We call it "fend for yourself" nights around here.

    1. Showering is one thing I made top priority since the oldest was born. I must always have the option of leaving the house, and I won't go if I don't shower. I've always gotten up before the kids to ensure the shower takes place, and when there is a baby in the house, my husband isn't allowed to leave for work until I am clean.

  4. EVERY day? EVERY DAY? So much for doing laundry for the next month.

    1. I know. I'm a little worried about every day. And the kids will be doing their own laundry. :)

  5. I don't even think the right and left sides of my brain know about each other. They're really bad at communication.

  6. YAY! I'm so glad you're joining up. I'm getting a teensy bit nervous, since I was supposed to have written all 26 posts by now, and I've written...0.5. Hmmm.

    1. I first heard about it from you, so if it all goes up in flames I'm blaming you.
      Yikes. I just decided to do it two days ago, so I've been scrambling to get some done. A and B are ready. That is all.
      Good luck!

  7. WOW...good for you!!! I thought about it; was all gung-ho and even started my list of topics. Ummmm...maybe next year. ;P

    I will be looking forward to reading your posts however!!!

    1. The jury is still out about whether this will be good for me. :)

      Great idea! Start writing them now, then next year will be a breeze.

      Thanks for the encouragement, though!

  8. Oooh, darn you. Now you have me tempted to join!

    1. It's a bit of a commitment, I've come to realize. I think it will be good for me, though. Are ya gonna join me? Are ya?


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