Monday, August 20, 2012

Today, I Rest

Whatever would we do without children?  They are so good at quickly and succinctly dispelling us of any and all illusions we have of ourselves.

I thought that by packing healthy lunches and snacks for us to eat between the 16 soccer games, keeping us from having to eat concession stand food or grease from the closest drive-thru, I was helping my children play better.  I thought I was being extremely organized, planning ahead and thinking of my family's needs.  Turns out, I am not the loving mother I thought I was.  According to one of my adorable children, I am simply, and I quote, cheap. 
Cuckoo and Turken thoroughly enjoyed the freedom to eat any and all food within grabbing distance.
Some other highlights of our weekend:

Sleeping with Turken and Cuckoo.  Thought for sure that in a king-sized bed there would be plenty of room, and I would be able to get some sleep.  Alas, Cuckoo does not confine his whirlwind of activity to the daytime hours.

Ring Pops.  The little boys got them during an egg hunt at the county fair.  I saved them for this weekend, sure that they would help keep the boys stationary and happy for a good long time while I watched a bit of soccer.  It worked for the first game, not so much the second.  Cuckoo decided that biting the whole thing off was a much better idea.

A playground.  Mercifully there wasa big playground at the fields where Buttercup played.  The little ones were able to get some energy out and have a great time while while we waited for her games to start.

Consolation games.  Three of our kids lost two of their first three games, but all teams at the tournament were gauranteed to play four.  As Buttercup said after having to stay to play a fourth game at 5:25 on Sunday night to determine who finished in last place, "The game was meant to console us?" 

Can you see the dirt getting kicked up as they run?  The field was rock hard and basically dirt thanks to the drought this summer.

Beautiful views.  At least on the two hour drive home we got to watch the sun set.  Too bad the stinky soccer feet up on the dash had to mar the view. 

Sorry to say that I don't have any photos of my kids actually playing soccer.  When having to drag chairs, blankets, backpacks of activities for the little boys, water, and sundry other necessities from field to field, a clunky camera doesn't make the cut.  Not that I would have had two hands to actually take a photo anyway.  The little ones tend to get a bit clingy during soccer tournaments.  (Can't imagine why!?) 

And for the one or two people who care, we surpassed our goal of at least one point per team over the course of the weekend.  We scored 26!  Sure, other teams scored 58 on us, but we're not going to think about that.  Star's team even made it to the championship game, proudly bringing home some second-place bling.

Have a lovely day!


  1. You know I'm labeled as cheap too...I didn't even get to be at the tournament but I packed food for the boys for the whole week-end. And they LOVED it!

  2. I am sure they did. Or at least they told you they did.

  3. Haha, my kids have called me cheap too :) Mine is because I really can be tho in their eyes. You know when they want the $50 a piece wardrobe and they want many outfits each. That is when I hear that I am cheap!

    Sounds like you had a great time at the soccer games, but busy I am sure!

  4. Oh yes. I've heard the complaints that their running/soccer shoe allowance isn't high enough. Luckily, with five boys who don't really care about their wardrobe yet, I don't have the many expensive outfit struggles.
    Soccer was busy and exhausting, but we had some fun, too.


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