Thursday, April 12, 2012

Debbie Downer For a Day

Today I feel melencholy. 

Although, just using that word puts a smile on my face.

Have you ever felt like the world is out to get you?  You're simply minding your own business and people start making decisions and forming policies that really just make you mad?  When not just one, but a bunch of people seem to throw common courtesy and thoughfulness right out the window?

It doesn't help that a bit of a Lupus flare popped up yesterday.

I am always the person that finds humor in just about any situation.  I have found that there are few times that one can't find something funny.  And here I sit.  I can't even muster a giggle.

I just want to lay on the couch and have a bit of a pity party for me. 

In my head, between all of the rants I want to scream at these people, I am telling myself all of the things I tell the kids. 

"You can't control another person's actions.  All you can control is your reaction to them."

"You can actually choose not to be miserable."

"How is simply being angry going to change anything?"

I hate it when I have to do as I say and be a good example.

So here is my plan:

1.  Stop complaining.
2.  Address the parties that have irritated me in a calm, rational, appropriate manner.
3.  Go outside, smell the fresh-cut grass, feel the sun on my face, smile.
4.  Move on.

Starting... NOW!

I won't be writing anything new for a few days.  Don't think it's because I'm wallowing.  I'm most definitely not a wallower. 

It's because in the next three days the four big kids will have no less than 13 soccer games.  In a city four hours away from here.  A city that has a 70% chance of rain and storms both Saturday and Sunday. 

Good thing I love watching soccer games!

Have a lovely, humor-filled day!


  1. I'm sorry you had a crumby day. and I too hate when I have to take my own advice. Praying for you, and enjoy those soccer games!


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