Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Turken!

We were on our annual vacation with our friends.  We had gone to an amusement park where I rode every rollercoaster and spinny ride available.  We swam.  We rented a boat and went tubing.  So much fun.  Until the last day.  We went into a bakery that had a reputation for being the best around.  And the offerings did look delicious.  I didn't have one, though.  The moment I stepped into the place, I got sick to my stomach and headed out the door.

On our way home from that trip, we stopped at the store to get milk, bread, and a pregnancy test.

Surprise!  Back into the diaper-filled, sleepless nights we go!

People told us that we were crazy to be basically starting over.  Daddy and I knew better.

Your siblings were shocked, to say the least.  Buttercup wanted you to be a boy, as she did not want to share her room.  Phoenix claimed that it didn't matter, as he would be a teenager soon and not be around much to worry about it.  The other two were just plain excited.

You were due to be born on Easter Sunday.  March 23.  Grandma's 60th birthday.  (We couldn't make it to her big party in Ohio, as we were in "Today could be the day" mode.) 

We went to mass, hunted eggs, enjoyed the day at home.  No baby.

Two whole days later (yes, my fifth child, overdue), at around 5am, I was woken by some pain.  Today was to be the day.  I stayed in bed, savoring the last few moments that you would be all mine.  After having four other kids, I knew that the moment you were born, I was going to have to share you.

Daddy got the big kids out of bed and ready for the day.  Your siblings thought for sure they would get a day out of school for this.  However, on the way to the hospital, we dropped off the oldest three at school, and Giant at our friend's house.  She was going to get him to preschool.    Going to school when their mother was on her way to a hospital to give birth to a brother or sister.  They were not happy with us!

We got all squared away, and we started walking.  Round and round the halls we went, trying to get you into this world a tad bit quicker.  It worked this time. 

At 10:15 or so, it was clear that you were wanting to meet us.  I didn't have any pain medication, so the staff was very quick to get me set up.  There was only one problem.  Just like your oldest brother, you were facing up and stuck in there nice and tight.

At this point, I may have gone into a panic.  Visions of forceps and pain clouded my thoughts, and I started yelling, "Get me an epicural now!  I cannot go through that experience again without drugs!"  The doctor (I can't recall his name, seeing as he was just the guy on call.) was a wonderful man and calmed me down right quick.  He said there was one thing we could try to get you facing the right way.  He instructed me to get on my hands and knees.

Okey dokey.

There I was, in my backless gown, baring my bum for the world to see.

It is worth note, this is the one and only delivery in which someone besides Daddy was in the room.  Nana made it to the hospital minutes before I was told to act like a dog and get on all fours. 

As soon as I got into that position, I actually felt you roll.  And you rolled right on out.  Yup, I delivered on my hands and knees.  Everyone was quite shocked by it, really.  The plan was for me to turn back over when/if you rolled.  You had other plans.

There was a bit of an awkward dance at that time.  I really wanted to get my rear end back on the bed and out of everyone's view, but I couldn't, seeing as how you were there and we still had some work/cleaning to do.

Thankfully, as soon as you were born, at 11:33 am, Nana had to rush off to pick Giant up at school.  (She missed most of the awkwardness.)  Giant was the first to hear that you were born, and that you were a boy.  He also got to come visit you before the other kids got out of school.  Maybe that's why the two of you have always paired up.

We called school and were able to tell each of the kids about you.  They in turn announced it to their classes.  They were so excited to meet you!  Even Phoenix.

From the moment you came into this world, you have been a joy.  You rarely cried.  You have thrown maybe 5 tantrums your entire life.  You follow directions to a T without complaint.  You love to giggle and be silly, as long as we're at home.  You are a serious little thinker.  Always coming up with amazing thoughts.  And you love to cuddle.  I love a good cuddle.

As for Phoenix, he adores you.  And even as a teenager, he makes time to play with you.  As do his friends.  You are a rock star when you walk down the hall of school or across a soccer field. 

You are all about solving math problems these days.  The harder the better.  One day I asked, "What is 8 plus 6?"  You answered, "18".  I asked you to do it aloud, so I could hear you figure it out.  "8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 18."  Sweet boy.

You are a very good big brother.  Any time Cuckoo gets nervous, say around a dog or walking in snow, you grab his hand, tell him you will take care of him, and lead him to where he is comfortable.  And because of that, Cuckoo adores you.

On the way home from school Thursday, out of the blue, you asked, "When I am a mom....(pause)... or a dad, who will be the kids?"  The conversation went from there, and you posed other doozies like, "What will my kids' names be?"  "When will I be a girl?"  "When I'm alive and I die, I will be a boy.  Then I'll be a girl." 

I love that you are always thinking.

Every day this week you have counted down the days until you turn four.  This morning you came downstairs to tell me, "There are only two days til my birthday.  After this day there will be one.  And after that day there will be zero!"

All you want for your birthday is a board game (you actually said, "I want a board game."  Did I mention that you are one mean Sorry player.  Not to mention Monopoly, Pet Hunt, and Hi-Ho Cherry-Oh.)  and a party. 

You'll get that and more, my little man.

As for all of those people that said we were crazy to be having another baby?  None of them will admit to it.  No one can imagine a world without you.

Have a lovely weekend!

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