Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas memories

Merry Christmas morning!  Happy to say morning didn't come until 7:00.

Being patient, waiting for everything to get passed out

Surprise!  The gift you never thought you'd get!

Happy, happy, happy!

Annual monkey bread breakfast.  So bad for you, but so stinkin' yummy!

Posing in your present

What's your Wii style?  Calm and Determined?

Tongue out, controller right up to the TV?

Wild and crazy?

Gift for the littlest one

could have been for the biggest one

Love a Squinkie!

Good call on the radio kit, Hubby!

He loves the new slippers.  Perhaps he should have recieved new jammies, too.

Learning the rules about the big boy gift

Baby girl loves her gift

Delicious dinner included homegrown pork tenderloin and green beans.  It was so good, we ate it before I could get a photo.

Takin' a quiet moment to read a book

and lose a sock.  Baby foot, chubby baby hand, baby wrist full of new silly bands.   I could eat them up!

A little cookie break

Cuddling up with each other

Stockings no longer hung with care

A last look at the tree all aglow

A final glimpse into the ornaments

For everything will be packed up tomorrow. 

Disney awaits!


  1. I LOVED all your pictures! I guess by now you are enjoying the sunshine down in Florida. I'll try not to be too jealous, lol! soak up some sun for us, will ya?

  2. Woohoo! I think this is the first time my computer let me publish a comment on your blog without standing on my head to get it done. Not sure what's different, but it's such a treat I'm leaving another. I'm a nut, what can I say?

    Hope you all are enjoying Disney!!!


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