Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Preserving the Past

Is it only Feb. 1?  We took advantage of the unseasonably beautiful weather and headed outside to play.  Got in a bit of boccie ball

and hung out on the porch.

Being that it is Student Appreciation Day at school, I hope the teachers showed their appreciation by letting the big kids have extra recess time!

While outside, we found that we weren't the only ones to be fooled into thinking that spring had arrived.

That can't be good.

I also saw (and heard) lots of geese heading north.  I love that sound.  Not a fan of those Canada geese on the ground, but in the air they look and sound beautiful.

As I've mentioned in my first post, we didn't just buy a house when we moved to this property. 

The most impressive building, besides the house, is the main barn.

The boys finished up their boccie ball and headed there to play.  Kids love to explore this grand piece of history.  While they played, I just walked around, remembered, and took photos.

Our nine puppies were born and raised inside.

I love this door. 
Rule #1 on the farm:  Do not climb any of the ladders.  They are sturdy, but the upper level is not.

A reminder of the hours and hours spent turning the back rooms into a playhouse before our best friends moved away.

Back when the barn was built in 1901, they never could have conceived of the things that would someday be stored in it.
Unfortunately, this barn won't last forever.  It may not last 2 more years.  When we bought the property, the barn had already shifted off of its foundation.

A lot of the wood had already been eaten or rotted away.

The silo is certainly never going to be used again.

If the barn could even be repaired, it would cost an absolute fortune.  The only other idea we have is to tear it down, use as much wood as we can ourselves, and sell the rest. 

I hate the thought of tearing it down.  So much history.  So much beautiful handiwork.  But, it has already shifted more this past summer.  We certainly don't want to wait for it to fall on its own. 

If you have any great ideas on what we can do with all of this gorgeous old wood, let me know! 

Have a lovely day!


  1. I LOVE your new sidbar lineup! Great names, and great job!

    That stinks that your barn must be taken down. We always enjoy looking at old barns wherever we travel. They're beatiful, and your's is a wonderful piece of architecture!

  2. There are companies that will take down your barn for the lumber and build a new one for free in exchange.


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